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All of the resources that were used by the team were properly credited. Since the deadline was approaching, we decided to use an arduino board datasheeg simulate the WWVB signal. The updates can now be also provided by an Arduino that sends the correct time to the PIC Without the external oscillator, RTCC would need to use the internal oscillator which is not very accurate.

74LS125A IC

We plan to continue working on the clock and find a solution for receiving a WWVB signal. Unfortunately, we had tremendous difficulty using it and were 74ls125sn to pick up any trace of a signal in Phillips Hall. But if we are able to pick up a WWVB signal, it will most likely be placed at the top of the device.

The LED strips were hot-glued to the back face.

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The debounce functionality ended up being more robust than necessary as only the button presses were used to switch between the three different modes. A model of the panel is given in??. However, after more research and testing it was clear that the signal is quite unreliable due to the fact that it is a very weak signal and too much noise is injected into that bandwidth by our location on a highly technically advanced campus.

It begins by checking to see if the input capture has triggered twice, starting with a falling edge followed 74l125an a rising edge. When designing our project, we wanted to add functionality in addition to time keeping.


The arduino is a very powerful tool that we used to test time all types of time and date inputs to fix all errors we could find.

The cord connecting the power to the wall AC outlet was secured to the best of our ability to ensure that if it is pulled it does not apply stress to the connection with the power supply which could cause unsafe and unpredictable behavior. The yellow seconds indicator will begin to run, and it can be used as a countdown to when the entire dataframe will be received and the proper time and date are set.

Additionally, since the project was inspired by a piece of visual art, we put in extra effort in making it aesthetically pleasing, e. We chose this part because it is the only WWVB receiver currently available on the market.

Appendix A The group approves this report for inclusion on the course website. If the sequence is: All the data sheets were consulted and double checked to ensure correct connections datasheeh safe usage of materials and devices. Next we do calculate which LEDs are the hour, minute and second and write a unique color value to each of them, while giving the other LEDs a different color.

If power is reduced for four-fifths of a second 0. No existing copyrights or trademarks or patents were found similar to our design. The input capture module is not able to determine whether the edge it is capturing on is high or low, therefore we set a bit back and forth to indicate which type of edge is next.

This presents no visual problem, but it would be nice for front and back panels to be totally flat.

DotStar Address Table However, our implementation was more scalable than creating a table and saving it as a constant. The SPI 74ls1255an set up for channel 2 and configured to send 32 bit values The SPI clock speed is divided by 16 to give small relative rise and fall times after the signal is level shifted to 5 V.

200 Water Street WWVB Clock

From a black box perspective, the signal from the arduino and the signal from the WWVB receiver look totally identical. It is able to 774ls125an accurate time using an external High Level Block Diagram: The rips were fitted in to house the lights and hot-glued in datasheeet.


The start of the second of two consecutive markers indicates the top of the minute, and serves as the on-time marker for the next frame of time code. Add Self Calibration for the Oscillator Add Better Error Correction – For instance, if a marker is the symbol that is supposed to be present at a specific bit, an error will thrown and the entire data frame will be discarded.

NTE74LSA – IC-TTL, Quad Buffer

After waiting for over four and half weeks to receive the WWVB receiver, it finally arrived. Throughout all of the work that has been done on this project all of the limitations were checked and never exceeded.

Honest datashee and errors were accepted and corrected respectively, feedback was sought throughout the project from teammates, fellow classmates, TAs, and Instructors. The other reason we decided to use the DotStars was datazheet their simple and reliable communication protocol via SPI. Without the external oscillator, RTCC would need to use the internal oscillator which is not very accurate add spec? For our implementation the clock numbers were displayed on the face of datwsheet clock ordered from left to write, top to bottom, wrapping around from the end of right row to the beginning of left.

The LED strip can draw a maximum of 4. Markers are important to allow receivers to properly frame the time code. For example, bits 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 18 in the frame are used for the hour values, 20, 10, 8, 4, 2 and 1 respectively bit 14 is left at 0.