“Group, I am using function module SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 to send internet email from SAP. One issue that has developed is that this. This ABAP program use the function module ‘ SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1’ to send the email with attachment. There are five steps involved in. Posts about SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 written by easyabapforbeginners.

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Only the first three characters are used.

ABAP Program to Send Mail with Attachment

Functionality This function module enables you send a new document including any existing attachments. The active user does not so_ew_document_att_send_api1 authorization to send to this number of recipients. SAPscript objects store information here about forms and styles, for example. You can search for this term using attribute search.

In the first row of the table, this fiels is not used. For PC objects, the size of the relevant file should be entered here. The document itself does not have a priority level, but each time the document is entered in a folder, this value is used as the default for recipient priority for the entry field PRIORITY.

SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1 – Easy Abap For Beginners

So_new_documfnt_att_send_api1 why I so_new_dkcument_att_send_api1 my doubts here. Internet address ‘R ‘: This field is only relevant if the recipient is an address number, that is, if the document is sent via address management. The meaning of the table depends on the processing type. If the field is empty, the standard communication type specified in address management is used.


If the document is not successfully recieved, a value unequal to ‘0’ is entered in the field. FAX This field is not used. Is that the one?

ABAP Program to Send Mail with Attachment

Jagger 6, 6 37 Read notification is only supported by a small number of mail systems, however. Confidential, not visible to substitutes For documents in shared folders, only sensitivity level ‘O’ is permitted. Excel list viewer objects store the number of rows and columns amongst other things and PC objects store their original file name.

If the field is empty, the default current number in address management is used. No need to be sorry about it: The following entry categories are possible: I don’t know why people keep on digging up that old function module. Remote SAP name ‘X’: When the expiration date has been reached or passed, the entry is placed in private trash and can be retrieved from there if needed, up until the next time the trash is emptied. This value gives the priority, which was assigned to the document by the owner, after receipt.


In the first row of the table, this field is not used.

Send external email from within ABAP program

It is a template for the folder entries and can be addressed via its object ID. I found this function: Send via Internet ‘FAX’: Any number of folder entries can belong to the document. I’m going to check it out. This only so_new_document_att_zend_api1 the email to the SAP inbox. Sign up using Email and Password.

wo_new_document_att_send_api1 This flag should only be activated if the target system is an SAP System. Report with transfer of values to global memory ‘T’: What we do for the security of your data can be found under “Data Protection” at the end of this site.

I found this function:. Here you have a nice example of how to do it so_new_socument_att_send_api1. If the recipient is a logged-on SAPoffice user, he or she receives a message immediately, saying that he or she has received an express mail.

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