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Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s millions of monthly readers. Title: ABNT NBR Trabalhos Acadêmicos (), Author. The abntex2 class and the abntex2cite package are intended to assist the caption’s separator to enddash, in accordance to ABNT NBR removed. Programa de Pós-Graduação Tese (Doutorado) Modelo canônico de e outros do gênero) produzido conforme a ABNT NBR Informação e.

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Selected Readings 5th editionW. The theory of environmental policy. When published, they become intellectual property of REBEn.

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It is recommended to avoid citations of theses, dissertations, books and chapters, except when it is a theoretical reference Ex: It abnf contain a maximum of fifteen 15 pagesincluding the abstracts and a maximum of 50 references A study that brings together, in an orderly manner, research results on a specific topic, helping to explain and understand the differences found between primary studies that investigate the same question, and deepening the knowledge about the object of the investigation.

The structure of the manuscript in the Research and Review categories are: A e Domingues, E. Manuscripts from other categories may follow different structure. It must contain a maximum of twenty 20 pagesincluding abstracts and a maximum of 50 references.


Experience Report – Study describing a situation of the practice teaching, care, research, or managementintervention strategies and evaluation of their efficacy, interested in professional performance.

Likewise, one should avoid citing articles from non-scientific journals or magazines.

Oxford University Press, Journal of International Economics 61, — The professor responsible for the subject will indicate the references when the subject will offer in the semesters or Summer Program. Introduction to Computable General Equilibrium Models.

Research and Review studies should follow the conventional structure: When one of these aspects is not considered satisfactory, the manuscript is rejected and automatically archived in the system. The professor responsible for the undergraduate subject will indicate the references.

Veterinária Notícias

Models of Economic Growth with Environmental Assets. Papers in Regional Science, 79, Appendices and annexes will be disregarded.

The main document, without identification of the authorsmust avnt. Uncooperative and cooperative Oligopoly. Introduction to industrial organization. It must contain a maximum of fifteen 15 pagesincluding the abstracts and a maximum of 50 references.

Trade and the Environment, Princeton University Press, A solution to the Border Puzzle. American Economic Review, v.

Critical review – Contemporary work, evaluated as being of interest to the target audience of REBEn, it should contain no more than 2 pagesincluding 2 references, if there is any; Letter to the editor – maximum 1 page. Once your manuscript has been submitted and we have verified the compliance with publication rules, the publishing process will be continued. Vol 23 1pp Manuscripts of all categories accepted for submission to REBEn should be prepared as follows:.


Rev Bras Enferm [Internet]. Structure of the text Research and Review studies should follow the conventional structure: Protectionism in international agribusiness; The Brazil foreign trade policy. Once the evaluation process has been completed, the submission fee will not be returned if the manuscript is not accepted for publication.

Technical revision of Portuguese language and translation of manuscripts.

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Give preference to dd article address in pdf format. Just below the abstract include five descriptors in the language of the manuscript: The professor responsible for the undergratuation subject will indicate the references.

Abbreviations should not be used in the title and subtitle of the manuscript, in the abstract, tables and figures. S de e Faria, W.

Elements of Dynamic Optimization, New York: Journal of Political Economy, n. Sectoral and spatial linkages in the EC production structure.

These nominees must have a PhD and must have no conflict of interest. The source consulted should be included below the figure only if it is secondary data.