German Cars Top Latest ADAC Reliability Survey. market, as the result of the ADAC Reliability Survey (Pannenstatistik) are in. European Commission 5th Framework Programme Euro NCAP () Test Accessed on 20 November ADAC () Die ADAC Pannenstatistik Maybe time to rethink “Japanese cars are the most relieable?? de/Auto_Motorr

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Skoda Octavia Vehicle owner satisfaction score: So why is the Octavia such a strong and consistent performer?

Well, for a start, it’s unlikely to break down; owners told JD Power that the engines and transmissions could be relied upon. If trouble does strike, it’s more likely to be a minor issue with the cabin. Should you need to visit a dealer, you can expect good service; Octavia drivers told JD Power that helpful staff and work completed on time were the norm.

The Octavia is a very likeable car as well as a reliable one. Owners gave strong scores for the driving experience, the roomy cabin and the way the car looks. What’s more, the Skoda should be cheap to run. High marks were awarded for fuel and insurance costs, and service and repair bills.

Honda Civic Vehicle owner satisfaction score: In fact, the Honda might have come top if it wasn’t for the Civic’s disappointing mechanical reliability. Otherwise owners found lots to praise, including the attractive cabin and stylish exterior.

They enjoyed driving it, too. When the Civic did need attention, dealers did their part to keep customers satisfied with prompt, efficient service and modest bills. Fuel costs and insurance were also said to be low. Toyota Corolla Vehicle owner satisfaction score: It was ninth overall in and is well inside the top 20 this year. Judged purely on reliability, the Corolla fares better than the Honda Civic.

Complaints about the bodywork and exterior were rare, but the rating for mechanical reliability was only average.

The Corolla’s greatest strength is the dealer network that supports it. It’s one of just three small family cars to have earned an excellent score for dealer service. Owners told JD Power that repair bills were low and fuel costs modest. All in all, the Corolla is a strong package with no major weakness.


German Cars Top Latest ADAC Reliability Survey

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Vehicle owner satisfaction score: Owners told JD Power that engine or transmission-related breakdowns were almost unheard of. As for problems inside the cabin, forget it — these are very well made cars.

The A-Class would have been even higher in the results table if it was more rewarding to drive. Mercedes drivers also complained that the cost of servicing and repair was too high, although fuel bills and insurance premiums were more acceptable. Mercedes-Benz dealers know a thing or two about keeping customers happy.

Facilities were rated excellent and so were the staff. Volkswagen Golf Vehicle owner satisfaction score: Don’t expect too many problems with this car. Owners told JD Power that little goes wrong inside the cabin and that the mechanical parts are durable. The Golf proved likeable as well as reliable. Drivers gave strong scores for ride and handling, interior practicality and the car’s looks.

To do even better in this survey next year, Volkswagen dealers will need to offer better service, and lower running costs wouldn’t go amiss, either. Overall, though, this is an impressive result. Volkswagen Jetta Vehicle owner satisfaction score: There are differences between the two, though. For one thing, Jetta owners were more happy with the quality of work done by Volkswagen dealers and found their cars ready for collection on time more often.

Scores for reliability were evenly matched, but Jetta drivers reported more problems with the exterior of the car. Owners awarded impressive marks for the driving experience.

However, scores for the cabin and the way the car looks were only average, and lag behind those awarded to the Golf. Toyota Auris Vehicle owner satisfaction score: Running costs play a part. Auris owners weren’t too impressed with fuel economy or insurance premiums, although the cost of servicing wasn’t a worry.

In fact, there’s a definite pat on the back for Toyota’s dealers, who proved excellent in every respect. Decent reliability means owners didn’t make too many unscheduled dealer visits, although mechanical problems and gremlins in the cabin were more troublesome than the exterior.


Owners were happy, rather than overjoyed, with the driving experience. It’s a similar story with the cabin and the design — acceptable, but not outstanding. Audi A3 Vehicle owner satisfaction score: That said, Audi owners still found pannenstatistiik to praise, with enthusiasm for the way the A3 drives, the cabin and the looks.

The dealers also earned a vote of thanks for their courteous staff and quality of service. In terms of reliability, however, the A3 sits in the middle of the pack, dragged down by complaints about the pannfnstatistik.

Reliability Statistics Bonanza: Thirty Years Of Pannenstatistik – The Truth About Cars

Drivers said that running costs were no better than average, and insurance and servicing bills were dear. It’s not outstanding pnanenstatistik any one area, but there’s little for drivers to worry about, either. Owners told JD Power that not much went wrong under the bonnet. Inside, the air-conditioning and stereo almost never gave trouble. Unscheduled visits to the local dealer were more likely to have been caused by the exterior.

BMW’s dealers did a reasonable pannenstatisfik, but could still learn a thing or two from the likes of Honda and Toyota — charging less for their services would be a good place to start. Fuel bills and insurance premiums proved more reasonable.

Subaru Impreza Vehicle owner satisfaction score: In some respects it’s outstanding, in others Subaru has work to do.

The dealers are among the best around. Impreza owners were full of praise for their friendly staff, prompt service and the quality of work. Scores for the driving experience are also among the best in daac. Owners were impressed with the looks and all-round visibility, too. However, fuel bills and insurance premiums drained drivers’ bank accounts with depressing speed. At least the cost of servicing and repair work wasn’t too bad.

Overall, reliability was average for this class.