Ce qui fat baptise le Symbolisme.” M. Paul Wilily has written ” se resume fres’ simplement dans!’intention commune a plusieurs families de polies de. A few years ago I did find the Kendall Lapin translation of “Aurélia” and “Sylvie”; There’s a fair amount of Nerval that doesn’t exist in English: a. Aurelia is French poet and novelist Gerard de Nerval’s account of his descent into madness–a condition provoked in part by his unrequited passion for an.

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If you think you should have access to this title, please contact your librarian. He was especially drawn to epic poetry. In recovering what men call reason, do I have to regret the loss of these joys? What is it about?!

Of course, it might not be coincidental that I also realized the book was drawing to a close at this point. So while Nerval may in some way illustrate the type of literary representation as de Beauvoir suggest, I was pleasantly surprised by the self-awareness by which he makes it rather more useful and interesting.

Just a nervwl while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Aug 13, Castor Luwian rated it it was amazing. The book begins with a seemingly realistic narrative about lost love and slowly bleeds into his imaginary world where it’s difficult to tell if he is relating true events or imaginary dreams.

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The creation of new life! Craig E Stephenson, Princeton: Apr 30, J. Transcendence from the corporeal world! Quand la folie parle: Gordon, Rae Beth And so Aurelia ends on a positive note, though Nerval was not to survive jerval after the writing of it, hanging himself from a window grating in I strongly caution anyone who treasures the precious little time they have on this beautiful, big, blue planet not to squander it reading the work of Gerard Labrunie inspired to use the name Nerval in homage to the estate of a wealthy ancestor.

It’s clear, even amidst his more rhapsodic passages, that this is his loss and he knowns it, not any failing of the women who move through his life and depart on to their own.

Obscure references aruelia apocryphal texts! Published February 2nd by Exact Change first published February 2nd This was also where he began to take poetry more seriously. Classical, Early, and Medieval Poetry and Poets: View all 4 comments. Last pages of this autobiographical novel were found in Nerval’s pocket as he was dangling from the wooden beam he hanged himself from. Return to Book Page.


Written while institutionalized or shortly thereafter I’m not clear on thiswe get a look into a strange amalgam of other worlds that his mind takes him to. Geoffrey Wagner’s translation of Aurelia was first published by Grove Press inbut has remained out of print for nearly 20 years.

Nerval — Aurelia | Exact Change

Some are beautiful and reassuring where he is reconnected with departed loved ones and taken to beautiful landscapes. The language of my companions had mysterious turns whose sense I understood, objects without form and without life lent themselves to the calculations of my spirit;–from combinations of pebbles, from figures of angles, from crevices and breaches, from the edges of leaves, from colors, from odors and sounds I saw emerge harmonies unknown until then.

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Eventually it becomes irrelevant because you just feel privileged to have access to this mysterious man’s mind. University Press Scholarship Online. Cada vez que le doy aureliia rating a un libro en este lugar, me decepciono. The dreamy pungency is what I most appreciated–and despite the obscurity and dreaminess of Nerval’s spiritual experiences, there is something intimately human about these writings; and when it’s all finished with, a kind of wilted sadness.

In that sense, it does fit in well with various Surrealist’s acounts of their own periods of delusion Unica Zurn’s The Aurrelia of Jasmine and Leonora Carrington’s Down Below are key examples of this genrewhile looking ahead to some of the oneiric accounts in fictions of the mid-century Anna Kavan’s Sleep Has His House or Doris Lessing’s somehow more dated s Briefing for a Descent Into Hell. He is also beseiged by his own Catholic guilt for seriously dabbling in the occult for the purposes of figuring out these very visions.

This sounds like a drastic measure, but maybe one of these two scenarios will help you summon your inner strength: Increasingly poverty-stricken and disoriented, he committed suicide during the night of 26 Januaryby hanging himself from the bar of a cellar window in the rue de la Vieille-Lanterne, a narrow lane in a squalid section of Paris. L’Homme qui rit 20 Avatars of the Self 21 Rimbaud: The composer Hector Berlioz relied on Nerval’s translation of Faust for his work La damnation de Faustwhich premiered in After publishing a third edition of Faust in July, including a preface and fragments of Second Faust, he traveled to Belgium in October.


The ravings of a madman? Poetry portal Biography portal. For this reason, Nerval will not be understood by everyone that attempts reading his dream-inspired writings. But it all seems like a dream now, and I can’t remember much about the book, and I’m not sure what I would think of it now. I regarded myself as a hero living under the gaze of the gods; all of nature took on new aspects, and secret voices escaped from the plant, from the tree, from animals, from the humblest insects, to warn me and encourage me.

Even Nerval’s interests tend to endear me to him, as he seems to wander about Paris and its environs in a proto-derive or flaneur fashion, dwells upon the losses of urban development, and obsesses about Isis and the customs surrounding her in antiquity.

Nerval is one of those people whose “other” world became his “real” world. Retrieved 22 January The second half of the book manages to decrease in quality.

Let us say rather that I dressed up with this idea the keenest remorse at a life spent in foolish dissipation, a life in which evil had often triumphed, and whose errors I did not recognize until I felt the blows of misfortune.

AURELIA By Gerard de Nerval. (Translated by Richard Aldington .)

This hallucinatory document aufelia dreams, obsession and insanity has fascinated artists such as Joseph Cornell, who cited passages from it to explain his own work; Antonin Artaud, who saw his own madness mirrored by Nerval’s; and Andre Breton, who placed Nerval in the highest echelon of Surrealist heroes. Oxford Scholarship Online requires a subscription or purchase to access the full text of books within the service. Hadji tells me Nerval brought his own human skull to dinner parties to drink wine out of and that Proust loved him for his ability to narrate perfectly from the space between wakefulness and sleep.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. My imagination gave me infinite delight. Gorgeous and harrowing at the same time, the delicate pubescent longing of Sylvie becomes the cosmic eschatological last one standing narrative of Aurelia.