Rulebooks for all versions of Axis & Allies. Axis & Allies Rule Books for Global as well; Pacific – 2nd Edition [PDF] – used for Global as well. Axis & Allies Global rundown, including full rule books, links to forums, game The rules are a combination of the Europe and Pacific rules. The information you need before starting to play Axis & Allies Pacific.

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The rules for this global game are included in the Europe rulebook. This preview will cover the rules of the global game. The following is a picture of the map stitched together from several photos. Click on the image below for a 3 MB version. When following the rules, do it in this order:. Setup the units as listed on all of the setup charts found in both Europe and Pacific The following units are added to the setup:.

The following is a list of what territories and sea zones are adjacent between the east and west edges of the map. Declaring war on one nation does not affect the status with the two.

Axis & Allies Rule Books

May not declare war on an Axis power in Europe until turn four unless an Axis power declares war first. May declare war on Japan the rule book indicates the game setting is before the non-agression pact, which was signed in When not at war with Japan, rulebok not move units into China.

At war with China. Movement of Allied forces into China is an act of war against Japan. Being at war with France, the Soviet Union, or USA are all mutually exclusive meaning being at war with one of these does not affect relations with the other two. At war with Germany and Italy.

Rulenook declare war on Japan on any turn per the normal rules. May not move units into China unless at war pacifc Japan. May move land units into Dutch territories at any time during non-combat movement as long as those territories have not been captured by an Axis power. Takes control of a Dutch territory, gaining IPC income, by moving land units into the Dutch territory.


Once a Dutch territory has been capture by an Axis power it may be captured an controlled by any other power. Acts of war against a Dutch territory are acts of war against the UK. While not at war with Japan, may not move units into China.

On turn 3, if not yet at war, the USA may declare war on any or all Axis powers at the beginning of the Collect Income phase. At ruleobok with Japan. May not go to war with a European Axis power unless a European Axis power declares war on it. May declare war on Adn on any turn per the regular rules.

When a major industrial complex is captured, immediately downgrade it to a minor industrial complex. Adjust any damage to be no more than 6. David Jensen has been operating Axis and Allies.

Theoretically then, the USA could stay neutral throughout the entire conflict, and just sit aaxis and collect IPCs and build a massive army?

You would not be able to pull that off as the USA. If you sit back and collect money and do nothing the allied powers will lose in both Europe and in the pacific. America is a power that needs to get involved as soon as they are able. If russia declared war on an allied power it would break the game balance. Russia could also crush china and the pacific uk to quick if it was russia germany italy and japan that would be to broken of a game.

Axis & Allies Global 1940

Just ordered both pacific and Europe. If central powers can take France fast the game is over. It stops the uk from being able to land guys in Europe for the most part. But otherwise, I love the new board, the new detailed and additional units, and the new rules.


It might have been nice if SOME compartments in the boxes the units came in were included, rather than just an open box to forcing one to scramble and dig to find certain units — I had to buy extra totes — like tackle box urlebook — to compensate.

As for your reply to Ben, Jim: Ben brings up the problem we saw when we played the game only once so far: It seems USA can do nothing more than build up forces for the first 3 turns otherwise.

If Japan attacks the pacific UK, in an unprovoked attack, than the Aand can join in and declare war on all the Axis powers. We played second edition, and online they have and setups for a different starting point in the game. Makes for a fun twist in the game and changes strategy because USA is in the war and they changed the turn order too.

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Axis & Allies Europe Preview 4: The Global Rules | Axis & Allies .org

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