Science and Practice of Iridology [Bernard Jensen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Bernard Jensen. IRIDOLOGY. SIMPLIFIED by Dr. Bernard Jensen, D.C.. CO-AUTHORS. I would like to thank Keith Wills for his collaboration in producing this bookſet. He has. 2 to be the Bible of Iridology. Written by the world’s foremost authority on Iridology , Dr. Bernard Jensen, this text is a must have for any Iridology.

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His second volume has received international acclaim. Bernard Jensen was a pioneer in holistic and alternative health, having spent 60 years of his career successfully treating patients in his health sanitariums and health ranches. For decades we have been the top choice of Naturopaths, Iridologists, Colon Therapists and other Holistic Health Professionals from around the world.

Complete 6 Volume Set – Master Nutrition. Additionally he was a thought leader in the jenden and application of Iridology; providing extensive training programs and certification in Iridology to doctors and practitioners worldwide.

This year, we are celebrating the sixth year of the publication jenxen my iridology textbook, Techniques in Iris Analysis. Bernard Jensen passed away. Jensen has published more than 50 books and received global awards of distinction and recognition for his field of work and service to the global community in Iridology and nutrition. It has beautiful illustrations, charts and color photographs designed to help you learn.

After working with overpatients, Dr.

I have so loved working with iridology over the last 30 years to assist others in understanding their health — both their strengths and areas that needed more care.

It has received worldwide acclaim and is being used in many different countries as their iridology textbook. Ellen Tart Jensen, the wife of Art Jensen, studied for several years with the legendary natural healer Dr. Art Jensen now carries on the family spirit, passion and tradition of natural and holistic health as he owns and operates Bernard Jensen International as the President.

That orthopedic hospital was miles from our home in N. Over the years, Dr. I worked for him, learned from him, traveled with him to his classes and helped him photograph and analyze eyes. Throughout his career, Dr. I was fortunate to have taken my Iridology training from Darko Prce, who was a long-time student of Dr.


On the tutorial I point to specific eye signs with excellent color photographs so that you can see clearly each point taught in the book. Along the way, I fell in love with Dr. He then began an intensive study of Iridology. I find myself going back to it time and again to read his message. People in search of health and rejuvenation came from all over the world to his Hidden Valley Health Ranch in Escondido, to learn the principles he believed in and taught.

This book is pages of complete iridology training. The tutorial is a wonderful DVD set filmed of me teaching each chapter of the book. The book goes step by step and I teach each section step by step to make learning iridology easy and fun. When that happened, I felt so extremely blessed. Jensen operated his own health sanitariums in Altadena and Escondido California for over 40 years. On this DVD you will see and hear me teach each concept and point to the area of the iris that is being taught.

Bernard Jensen Iridology

Bernard Jensen International was founded by Dr. Iridologh the seminar of over students, he hired me to work with him. Growing up, I had scoliosis —. Usually these depletions are noticeable in the iris long before they would be discernible through blood work or laboratory analysis, thus making iridology nutritional support strong useful tools for preventive self-care.

Please allow an extra week for shipping. When I was in my early twenties, I discovered iridology and good nutrition by reading one of Dr. It was a dream come true.

UPDATED IRIDOLOGY DESK CHART w/Nutrition Chart on Back11 x 17 Laminated

He traveled extensively in search of health knowledge, a search that led him to over 65 countries to observe the lifestyles of the people and their various ways of eating. Following the path of the great nature cure practitioners, Dr.


When the cell does not receive jensem nutritional values due to faulty diet, poor absorption and digestion, environmental pollution, high stress levels, etc.

Through this set, you can learn iridology with the information you need to become certified by the International Iridology Practitioners Association IIPA.

UPDATED IRIDOLOGY DESK CHART w/Nutrition Chart on Back11 x 17 Laminated

His words describe his life starting as a young chiropractor in and how he desired to treat everyone who was suffering and in need of help. One of the greatest healers the world has ever known.

The iris reveals the basic constitutional health level of an individual with detailed information pertaining to their physical ieidology and weaknesses.

Jensen received several awards, and degrees from all over the globe. Art Jensen, the first born son of Dr. All together Ellen has studied and worked in the field of Iridology and natural healing for 30 years. Had my parents known to take me to an iridologist, they could have guided me way ahead of time with proper nutrition, foods for the bones, minerals, exercises and therapies that may have prevented the surgery.

Would you like to study and learn iridology?

She now is an internationally recognized authority in Iridology, Nutrition, and Cleansing. You can even pause and rewind if you need to in order to really learn that concept. Each place provided a different health secret. Bernard Jensen so this timeless information will continue to be available. Art is dedicated to preserving the writings irirology research of Dr.

It is most uplifting with a timeless message to all of jwnsen in the natural healing field. Jensen was a pioneer in holistic and alternative health having spent 60 years of his career successfully treating patients in his health sanitariums and health ranches.

Each cell, tissue or organ in the body has specific identifiable nutritional needs.