Key words: Borislav Pekić, Expressionism, the destruction of reality, the form in . in Pekić’s trilogy: Besnilo, Atlantida, and (Rabies, Atlantis, and ). Borislav Pekić (Serbian Cyrillic: Борислав Пекић, pronounced [bǒrislaʋ pěkitɕ]; 4 February .. , novel, Ljublijana, Zagreb: Cankarjeva založba and Belgrade: Književni glasnik, NIN, Godine koje su pojeli skakavci [“The Years the. Metaproza–čitanje žanra: Borislav Pekić i postmoderna poetika. _> ; #

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Since on my manuscript there is an invisible warning: Viking, Don’t have an account? To my understanding, “the Myth of Man” cannot be identified with the idea of the destruction ;ekic reality, which means the destruction of language.

It does not [have meaning], for this type of functioning has no mean- ing.

Borislav Pekić

Nor does it see its goals as that of imitating nature it considers this neither possible nor desir- able [my emphasis]. Each book was borislavv up of 50 letters with witty and inventive observations about England and the English people. Log In Sign Up. However, he recognizes the interaction between life and art.

The Destruction Of Reality, Or The Myth Of Man 83 historical events and facts are no longer important—what matters it is the es- tranged vision of these things. Revisions of German Modernism, eds.

Borislav Pekić (Author of Besnilo)

It is this principle idea that informs the entire novel. Boravak u zatvoru opisao je bkrislav trotomnom romanu Godine koje su pojeli skakavci.

From Problems of the Gothic []. The Expressionist does not see, he beholds.

Books by Borislav Pekić

Several Expressionists created particularly unsettling images of death or decay. But it is precisely because the narrative mode of representation is so natural to human con- sciousness, so much an aspect of everyday speech and ordinary discourse, that its use in any field of study aspiring to the status of a science must be suspect.


Slovo Ljubve, ; zajedno sa novelom Obrana i poslednji dani: If that world has no sense, art cannot have it either.

Zbornik radova 3 Podgorica: In this way, the work creates its own symbolic, and not mimetic, reality. He found escape from a reality that was, for him, ugly in reading and writing. Click here and rate and write a review on Goodreads Editions: Then destruction, as the other nature of art—and only in its encounter with death—reveals its genuinely constructive, heal- ing nature. Narodna biblioteka Srbije je septembra Artistic is the attempt of Art to experience itself as meaning within the general decay of all meaning, and to form a new style out of this expe- rience; it is the attempt of Art to oppose the general nihilism of values with a new kind of transcendence, the transcendence of creative pleasure.

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Nietzsche, of course, in- fluenced Spengler and the entire generation of intellectuals in the first half of the twentieth century. While most expressionists were pacifists, in his manifesto, Marinetti glorified war and violence, and celebrated the machine.

The movement began between andspanning World War I, the post-war “frozen” revolution and civil war in Germany, and the Bolshevik revolution of in Russia. Imenski prostori Stranica Razgovor. Aisthesis Verlag, Ovaj koncept dekonstrukcije stvarnosti, t. University of Toronto Press, Sprachliche und the- matische Quellen. If it [that world] has it [sense], we do not know it, and art cannot serve it, it [art] is again with- out purpose.


Viking Penguin, Adorno, Aesthetic Theory, trans. If it is weak, it is per- ceived as form. Certainly, the time he spent in prison—inhe was sen- tenced to fifteen years for his activity in the “Union of Democratic Youth of Yugoslavia,” and served two before being pardoned—influenced his gloomy outlook. He considers the world of any literary reality to be an inde- pendent, alternative world parallel with, but not identical to, our external re- ality, by “whose blood it is fed, but whose life it cannot live,” as he explicitly explains.

Borislav Pekić – Wikipedia

Would norislav also like to submit a review for this item? Godine koje su pojeli skakavci “The Years the Locusts Have Devoured”, in three volumes was published between and And any pondering is destructive and every such deliberation must reach its death point. Expressionists feel free to create their own sub- jective universe. Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours.

Spengler on World History and Politics. Kako upokojiti Vampira was subsequently translated into Czech inPolish inand Italian inwith an English translation finally appearing in