Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Bronislaw Malinowski’s pathbreaking Argonauts of the Western Pacific is at once a detailed account of exchange in the Melanesian islands and a manifesto of a. Argonauts of the Western Pacific has ratings and 23 reviews. Jenny ( Reading Envy) said: This was a cornerstone of my Readings in Ethnography course.

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Much has been said and written about survival. VIII — Supernormal or supernatural character of magic ; emotional reaction of the natives to certain forms of magic; the kariyala magical portent ; role of ancestral spirits; native terminology.

Mar 30, Sofia rated it it was ok. Jul 11, Marcel rated it really liked it. With regard to these Eastern Papuasians, Dr. Jun 01, C. The story of Gere’u of Muyuwa Woodlark Island.

IV — The story of ship-wreck and rescue.

Order and consistency in savage cultures. Of course he may be also a theoretical thinker and worker, and there he can draw on himself for stimulus. Non so come ho fatto a dimenticare di aggiungere questo libro! The kayga’u magic; its modes of operation.

Malinowski lived as a native among the natives for many months together, watching them daily at work and at play, conversing with them in their own tongue, and deriving all his information from the surest sources — personal observation and statements made to him directly by the natives in their own language without the intervention of an interpreter. A crucial book, but it is slow and boring. III — The second stage: Some magical formulae obtained.

Argonauts Of The Western Pacific

And it must be emphasised whenever anything dramatic or important occurs it is essential to investigate it at the very moment of happening, because the natives cannot but talk about it, are too excited to be reticent, and too interested to be mentally lazy in supplying details. The firm skeleton of the tribal life has to be first ascertained.


In short, magic is believed to be an absolutely essential adjunct of every industrial undertaking, being just as requisite for its success as the mechanical operations involved in it, such as the caulking, painting and launching of a canoe, the planting of a garden, and the setting of arognauts fish-trap. The East End of New Guinea is a tropical region, where the distinction between the dry and wet season is not felt very sharply.

V — Some other offshoots and leakages of the Pacfiic ring.

And incidentally we learn that magical ceremonies and spells are deemed no less necessary for the cultivation of gardens and for success in fishing, the two forms of industrial enterprise which furnish the islanders with their principal means of support; hence the garden magician, whose business it is to promote the growth of the garden produce by his hocus-pocus, is one of the most important men in the village, ranking next after the chief and the sorcerer.

Much information collected in that period. Bulubwalata evil magic of canoes. Imagine further that you are a beginner, without previous experience, with nothing to guide you and no one to help you.

Let us call them the inponderabilia of actual life. Actual descent and magical filiation. This conspicuous predominance of magic over religion, at least over the worship of the dead, is a very notable feature in the culture of a people so comparatively high in the scale of savagery as the Trobriand Islanders.

The geographical area of which the book treats is limited to the Archipelagoes lying off the eastern end of New Guinea. With this, and with the capacity of enjoying their company and sharing some of their games and amusements, I began to feel that I was indeed in touch with the natives, and this is certainly the preliminary condition of being able to carry on successful field work.

VII — Definition of systematic magic. Their villages are built in big compact blocks, and they have storehouses on piles for storing food, distinct from their rather miserable dwellings, which stand directly on the ground and are not raised on piles.


The action of drugs on the human body is precisely the same whether they are administered by a physician or by a poisoner. II — Digression on bronilsaw sociology of work: Others, the more dignified and elderly, remain seated where they are. Paperbackpages. I have lived in that one archipelago for about two years, in the course of three expeditions to New Guinea, during which time I naturally acquired a thorough knowledge of the wesgern.

Full text of “Argonauts Of The Western Pacific”

November— March Tho vilamalya magic of plenty. Unsuccessful attempt to sail bromislaw Kitava with To’uluwa, the chief of Omarakana. Contrary to the general attitude of savages towards the souls paclfic the departed, they are reported to be almost completely devoid of any fear of ghosts. But, whenever the material of the search allows it, this mental chart ought to be transformed into a real one; it ought to materialise into a diagram, a plan, an exhaustive, synoptic table of cases.

I — Fixing dates and preparing districts.

Yet the survival character of an act is expressed in nothing as well as in the concomitant behaviour, in the paacific in which it is carried out.

I — Arrival in the coral Islands. In fact, I have written up an outline of the Kula institution at least half a dozen times while in the field and in the intervals between my expeditions. Indeed, the Kula sphere of influence and the ethnographic area of the Massim tribes almost completely overlap, and we can speak about the Kula type of culture and the Massim culture almost synonymously.