Memory and the Humanitarian Ideal: An Interpretation of Stefan Zweig’s Buchmendel. David Turner. In an age of brutality and rabid nationalism Stefan Zweig is. IN THE STORY “BUCHMENDEL” (), Stefan Zweig represents Jewish identi- ty in Vienna as it is displaced. eclipsed, and then destroyed. Yet the narrator. Stefan Zweig was a gifted Jew, born into a wealthy Viennese family in the 19th The protagonist of Buchmendel is an avid bookaholic with a.

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This slim volume comprises two stories, 26 pages and 56 pages respectively, and steafn might think this is not very good value at the price of a normal paperback. Would it have killed Pushkin to bundle them together in one page book? The Invisible Collectionfirst published inhas the usual Zweig framing device of a man telling us a story about a story told to him by another man.

Stefan Zweig: More thoughts plus “Buchmendel” | Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings

The book dealer decides to look up some old buyers, to see if they are willing to sell back their purchases in these straitened times. Buchmendeldating fromintroduces us to the story of Mendel, an unassuming young man who has.

And reading Zweig is fun. Two recommendations in quick succession, so I will have to put aside my squarish objections and get it…!


Now to find out, one day soon, what Umberto Pasti is like. By the way, I meant to ask you earlier — is Srefan World of Yesterday on your to-be-read list as well?


I too am an absolute devotee to the Pushkin editions of Stefan Zweig. Zweig is certainly more accessible than the other Austrian masters of the early twentieth century Musil, Broch, and perhaps even Joseph Rothbut his books are such that they stay with you, even years after reading them. Buchmencel but surely I plan to get through the entire Zweig canon. This brings me to what Buchendel really wanted to address, which is your question about The World of Yesterdaywhich I also have in yet another attractive French edition.

He wrote it in Brazil injust before committing suicide with his wife.

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He retraces the first 40 years of the twentieth century, from what he considers to be a European Golden Age, to the collapse of Civilisation and the collective suicide of Europe, via the rise of nationalism, the Great War, fascism, Nazism and World War II.

Thanks for your fascinating comments, Thomas. Are all these editions available in Canada, or do buchmendrl have to have them imported from the UK? For the longest time we had to import them from Americabut since Fall Pushkin Press has had full Canadian distribution.


The French editions, however, have always been readily available in Canada. I also have Amok and other stories and Fantastic Night and other stories plus his memoir World of Yesterday awaiting me on my shelves…. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Stefan Zweig: The Invisible Collection / Buchmendel | Asylum

Buchmendeldating fromintroduces us bucymendel the story of Mendel, an unassuming young man who stefzn a titanic memory, wherein, behind a dirty and undistinguished-looking forehead, was indelibly recorded a picture of the title page of every book that had been printed.

Hi John, Thanks for your recent comments left on my blog re: Sorry to be so long-winded; Zweig is one of those authors that gets me going…. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.