Chrononauts Official Rules. Table of Contents. Executive Summary Getting Started Immediately: Starting Playing Winning; Detailed Overview Three Ways to . In Chrononauts, each player becomes a time traveler, with a unique identity and a secret mission. During the game, players travel backwards and forwards. Chrononauts» Forums» Rules. Subject: Memo card question · rss · New Thread · Printer Friendly; Subscribe sub options; Bookmark; Thread.

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Remember that a Memo must be used to stop a card as it’s being played. History’s big, and there are so many interesting things a chrononaut could do that there’s just no way we could include everything, or even anything close to that, in this game. To answer that question, you must play the ‘ patch With the exception of the all-purpose Reverse Fate card, Inverters can only change specific Linchpins, from one direction to the other, as listed on the card.


Best Traditional Card Game [4]. You can win by fixing enough Paradoxes, chronnonauts up the three rare and amazing Artifacts listed on your Mission card, or adjusting history in the three ways eules to allow your character to return to the alternate reality from which he or she originally came.

The constant changing of history is tracked by a special layout of 32 cards, called the TimeLine, which functions rather like a gameboard. Don’t just say “I’m flipping “; try to describe what you’re doing and why it causes the changes that it does. The rest of the deck is not used for this game but it can be used by someone else to play Solonauts.

Your eyes are closed so that you don’t accidentally look at a clock or a watch. Vhrononauts further along the TimeLine, at in particular.

Chrononauts Official Rules

Preventing the first great war will simply rename, not prevent, the second one. These symbols are used in the game to keep track of how history has been changed and restored by the players. To play an Chrohonauts or a Timewarp card, place it on the discard pile and do whatever it says. He had mostly praise for the new timeline except for an out of step patch card regarding Sarah Palin ‘s rise to the national stage. When everyone has guessed, find out what time it really is. You grew up in a universe where something was different.


See detailed rules later in the booklet for a helpful example.

In this case, the Fast Forwarding player may still play a second card. Once the game is setup and the first player has been identified, players will each take a turn until someone wins.

If you can’t or don’t want to play any of your cards, then discard one. The cards do have a lot of nice thematic information however and the design of the various events and alternate realities must have been a labor of love. If a Ripplepoint has just one Linchpin symbol, it becomes Paradoxed whenever its Linchpin is flipped chrononxuts the alternate red’ side.

Artifaxx is also good if you’ve got younger players, who may have trouble grasping all the historical events on the TimeLine. If you play a Memo as soon as another player reveals a Fast Forward, then the entire Fast Forward is canceled; however, if you wait until the player has revealed one of the cards being played as a result of the Fast Forward, then it is only the new card that is canceled.

To flip a Ripplepoint, you must locate the correct Linchpin s that precedes it, and use Inverter s there, thus causing the desired Ripplepoint to flip indirectly. Remember, you only get one pass through the deck, so plan each move carefully! Official website not in Wikidata Pages using infobox game with unknown parameters All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from March Players may only play their cards during their own turns, with one exception: The reviews of Chrononauts leans towards the positive.

OK, let’s assume someone has just changed history in this way. Instead of being killed that dark day in NovemberJFK was only wounded and thus went on to create a different history than the one we all remember. Remember, history can only be altered at a few pivotal moments in time, i. Begin your turn by drawing one card from the draw pile.


The “AND” case is trickier: The three ways to win provide for several different plotlines and layers of action, but you can also split the game up into two less complicated games: Obviously it takes a little bit of time to absorb another player’s action and decide to use the Memo on it, but you also can’t let too much time go by and still expect to have the Memo accepted.

The game comes with two other game rules, Solonauts a solitaire version and Artifaxx a Fluxx -like variant. But don’t shuffle early Or maybe, just maybe, humanity was destroyed by a nuclear war inand you are a super-evolved cockroach from a hundred thousand years in the future. History can be changed, yes, but only in a few specific places, hotspots in the time-space continuum where a specific event instantly changed the world forever.

We call this arrangement the True History setup.

Chrononauts: A brief review | Chrononauts | BoardGameGeek

As of Novemberthe game was still in development and playtesting, but was hoped to be set for release in To lock in the goal and win, the player must go back in time and stop Doc Brown from inventing time travel. Finally, deal out five cards from the reduced play deck, and line them up under the characters, or hold them in your hand.

These two basic game elements can actually be chrononxuts, making for a pair of related, less complicated games.

Pyramid Wins Best Magazine”. Inverters are used to reverse Linchpins. Liu of GeekDad said, “If you like the idea of time travel, Cchrononauts is a fun way to play with it. This page was last edited on 25 Decemberat