Citizen ATE Watches Watches download pdf instruction manual and user guide. I just got my Citizen Eco-Drive ATE from Amazon yesterday and That is , I send a manual radio synchronization request signal from. Once you hear the tone, the watch is in manual receiving mode, place it face up by a Citizen watches are divided by caliber, please click the link for the full.

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Help Forgot your password? Time not automatically updating???

Page 2 of 2 First 1 2 Jump to page: Results 11 to 20 of October 6th, Originally Posted by ahmadka. I just got my Citizen Eco-Drive ATE from Amazon yesterday and I’m trying to get the watch’s automatic radio control time setting function to work but it’s not working.

Citizen AT4008-51E

That is, I send a manual radio synchronization request at4008-51f from the watch, after a few minutes the watch reports back that it received a successful response but with medium or low signal strength but still doesn’t update the time to the correct time in my timezone. What do I do? Is the watch possibly defective? Here are the instructions citizej checking the signal reception with the E movement.

I’m probably 80 miles from Fort Collins and my radio clocks will struggle during the day. Hence why most are setup to update between am. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.


October 7th, For what it’s worth, one of my small atomic clocks that syncs most nights hasn’t synced the past two nights, which implies the signal propagation may not be at its best, as least in So Cal.

Did your watch ever sync overnight? October 8th, Originally Posted by GaryK Probably it’s just weak signal strength, which varies from day to day, but it’s also possible that there is too much electrical noise RFI in the location where you’re trying to sync the watch.

Awhile ago my neighbor had a defective laptop power adapter that put so much RFI on the grid that none of my watches would at0408-51e in their normal location, and even strong AM stations were covered with noise. Once he replaced the power adapter, everything went back to normal. Today almost all electronic items use noisy, switching power supplies.

Make sure your watch is not near any of these noisemakers when you’re trying to sync. Last edited by babis3g; October 8th, xt4008-51e I’ve also been told it can receive signals better if you wear it at night, tho mine always works either way.

November 17th, I’ve had nothing but trouble with it. It rarely synchs with Denver.

Citizen AT4008-51E instruction manual and user guide

Every two or three days, I wake up and find the watch horribly off. When I examine the watch, any number, or all, of the following items might be wrong: Getting back in synch is difficult, and I don’t mean the procedures, which are cumbersome. I have tried manually synching the radio works very rarely, maybe 1 in 20 timesFix the reference positions, and resetting the watch per instructions.


Now, before anyone suggests it’s a reception issue, I have a Citizen BVE that’s in the same case.

Citizen ATE Watches download instruction manual pdf

It synchs every night without fail. I’ve swapped their positions, moved them closer, moved them apart, you name it. The BV synchs across the room, the AT doesn’t on the west facing window sill.

I’m sending mine in for service, we’ll see what Citizen can do. Regardless, I don’t expect to be adding anymore Radio controlled watches to my collection. Great when they work, a nightmare when they don’t. Try to do a full reset on your watch, to start from citiaen, per say, and then go from there. November 18th, manal Originally Posted by TaxMan. I’ve never heard of this type of issue about an Cjtizen watch from Citizen.

So I wouldn’t rule out RC watches all together based on one lemon, but if you do, it’s your loss. February 14th, March 8th, January 15th, August 2nd, Watchuseek recommends Chrono24the largest watch marketplace on the Internet. The time now is