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Vampire Counts are a fun army to play but boy are they hard to play. This army is not recommended for beginners. They lack obviously OP options that other armies have and thus aren’t as subject to public shaming for playing them.

They’re focused on getting straight to the killing tactically, don’t have to worry about demoralized troops, and cdoex army replenishes itself fairly quickly leading to wars of attrition. They’re fun to play, but they have several gimmicks that have to be accounted for to play at their best. First, note that there are no shooting options in this armyeffectively eliminating an entire phase.

Any ranged options in this army are purely magical. Second, while you have no need to worry about the psychology of your own units you will be paying a lot of attention to the enemy’s psychology because that’s crucial to victory.

Never forget to take a fear test or your troops lose any advantage they have. Third, magic is your bread and butter, your meat vampures drink, your crossbow and hammer.

You are going to be heavily reliant on magic to replenish your units and get the most advantageous fights. If you’re not utterly dominating the magic phase, you’re doing it wrong. There are other things to remember as well, but we’ll get to them as they crop up. They, as an army, have been made more consistent on the table and less reliant on magic and generals.

v7 in Wargames & Role-Playing | eBay

They are still one of c8 kings of tar pitting and Vampires are still avmpires of the top combat heroes in the entire game. As for looks and lore? Lots of ranked corpses slowly marching toward your opponent as his terrified troops struggle to fire more bullets and arrows at the hordes in a vain hope of stopping the endless tide. Shrieking spirits of the damned whirling about the battlefield consuming v88 warm flesh of living and adding their poor souls to their ranks. Nigh unstoppable undead beings with nightmares of feasting and world conquest, supernatural witches and tainted beings, and insane power mad mages commanding the powers of hell to do their bidding as they charge into the fray behind their minions.

Absolute independence from the Ruinous Powers. If this appeals to you, you are looking at the right army. Vampirrs in small games you will be fielding dozens of zombies and skeletons as well as some more exotic dead and undead creatures; few armies can field such numbers of fodder and only one other can field fodder that is so reluctant to stay dead.

Get your brush hand ready and get comfortable as you are going to need a lot of models to field these hordes. Any Wizard in the Lore of Vampires can take over as general from the next turn onwards or this continues until your army is just dust and bats. Unless they have the Vampiric rule. The signature spell, Invocation of Nehek, will in almost any list codsx make be cast every single turn due to the fact that it resurrects D6 Wounds to the unit of your choice with the exception of Vampiric, Ethereal, or Large Target cojtes only get 1 Wound restored.

If you pump more gampires into it, you can make it into a bubble resurrecting a large chunk of your army. The most important thing to note however is that Necromancers in your army can take Master of Undead, and Vampires can take the Summon Creatures cmotes the Night upgrade.

These two abilities allow them to bring MORE models into the army than you began with. What these three things means together is Lore of Vampires is good, and you do best with more casters in it. It also means that when you don’t have a Level 4, or more than one possible Lore of Vampires caster, you’re gambling like a Tomb Kings player.

Under the current edition, named characters tend to be overpriced; you can emulate most named characters from scratch and save yourself some points.

That said, many named characters, and especially in Vampire Counts, have abilities and war gear combos unique to them so if you need to have them go ahead. Just make sure you’re really getting your points worth. The man that started it all, and one of the few special character who are completely justified in their points cost.


You want to field him, but most people never will. Because he’s points. As strong as he is, that is your entire Lord budget in an otherwise balanced point army, and below you most likely you don’t have that kind of room for just one model. He’s fairly good but the price is what stops him from being great, but most players prefer a combo of a level 4 caster of some kind along with a damage option blender lord Strigoi Ghoul King or Master Vampire.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Vampire Counts – 1d4chan

If you’re taking him, you want to bring Isabella as well although unlike her he can be good on his own. This is the first, and is a Lord level character. This is the man you want fighting nothing but Goblins and Skaven Slaves if you can possible help it if you’re facing Ogres, you’re in for a world of hurt. If you can manage to make kills then this guy will generally rule both magic phases, make sure to snipe enemy wizards early on with Spirit Leech.

He’s pricey as fuck though at points so you may not take him in games below points. He’s worth it, but once again you’re looking at your entire Lord allowance here.

Unlike the other named characters in this army, you can have Mannfred ride a mount. Of those choices, only the Barded Nightmare is of any value for the most part and only to put him in a unit of Black Knights or Blood Knights. The other two will make him even more of an artillery and shooting target than he already is.

Oh, you were never going to be playing this game in decent company anyway. Much more fieldable than his older self and a solid choice since he provides Loremaster in Lore of Vampires, which is what you take him for.

He’s much more flimsy and you MUST have him fighting puny hordes to make effective use of him. Since Magic is so important to a Vampire Counts army’s success, it’s important to note that this version of Mannfred is almost a must if you’re planning on taking a fighty Lord but can’t afford enough supporting casters to reliably get the spells you’ll need out of Lore of the Vampires by rolling. Still, if you CAN take multiple spellcasters he’s probably not worth it.

This time he should probably be left hiding in a unit unmounted unless you want to hide him in some Black Knights. Krell is a Wight King with a better statline who gets Heroic Killing Blow in challenges if in the same unit as Kemmler which obviously means he’ll always be in the same unit as Kemmler.

He has regular Killing Blow otherwise, but the drawback is that he MUST issue a challenge whenever possible, Oh, and having a T5 W4 hero for his meager point cost not to mention his other rules is very very good. By the way, his model is fucking ace. Krell is significantly more expensive then a normal Wight King and only marginally better offensively, defensively he is inferior. A mundane Wight King will almost always be a better option over Krell because they can be kitted out specifically for your needs.

His model IS pretty amazing though. Nothing short of psychologically damaging if your opponent happens to bring Monstrous Infantry to him, not his models. That being said combat is all he really does well though he does it VERY well while being the uncle of all glass cannons. His stats are on-par with am ordinary Hero level Vampire, and he only has Heavy Armor, so it’s his special rules you want to take him for.

He rings in at points. His insanity is reflected by a special rule called “One Bat Short of a Belfry” which has you roll for his current mental state. At the start of the turn you roll a D6, with a result of granting him Stupidity and a result of giving him Frenzy. So be wary of using him Now in 8th has the proper Vampire statline.

codex comtes vampires pdf download

As it stands, she’s not coeex caster being only a level 1 Gampires in Lore of Vampires or a fighter being that she only has the vanilla Vampire stats and her only equipment is Heavy Armor and a Hand Weapon.

The most she can do is support other vampires using the invocation of Nehek and the Blood Chalice to make sure they don’t die. Of course, there’s always the fact that if she kicks it, Vlad goes nuts, with Frenzy and Hatred and whatnot.

It’s also possible that he’ll die first not as likely and she will get Frenzy and Hatred, but as previously mentioned she’s not really geared for fighting.

She isn’t worth it on her own, but put her with Vlad and they have great coded. While named characters are judged against their generic counterparts, generic characters are examined based on their role in your army. Brilliant stat line, a metric fuckton of upgrade options, and outside of the Chaos Lord is comtess the most dangerous generic combat lord in the game cidex probably would have been the best since he can kill more models per round compare while the Chaos Lord is better at single combat, but there’s the whole problem where your army starts crumbling if he dies unless you’re at the point level to take more than one.


Naturally, characters are the first place points go in a Vampire Counts army, and this motherfucker will likely soak up as many points as you can give. Cotmes kitted out they can stand toe to toe with Lords and go on to rampage through Special units all while having excellent magical options. Remember, if your general dies very bad things happen to your army, so whatever you do, vampores him in a unit at least until he is in combat: Mounting these badasses up is not only an option, but depending on your goals may just be the point of taking him.

Item codwx and powers will be covered later. An important thing to remember that he doesn’t come with jack shit for equipment standard, so browse through all the options when making your list or you’ll wind up with an ancient immortal Vampire walking into ranked Halberdiers naked with his bare hands he’ll still kick ass, but do you really want to picture it?

All of the choices though are just kind of Cheap level 3 Wizard which can be upgraded to a level 4 in either Lore of Death or Lore of Cldex NOT Shadow that can be used to support a a fighty Vampire Lord, or to be the main caster and general should you decide to bring a slew of ordinary Vampires.

If you are considering making him your general, that certainly frees points for the vmpires great choices you have, but remember that your army will start crumbling as soon as he dies. If you assign the other Vampires to Lore of Vampires then at least one of them can take over as general although with such a weakened magic phase you better be planning on bringing the rape train quickly. The main point of putting him on a Corpse Cart is making a combo out of casting Invocation of Nehek on the Corpse Cart, which ensures that Vigor Mortis activates, giving all friendly Undead units within 6″ the Always Strikes First special rule, but it’s not a great idea – siege machines are already pointing at him to start with, and putting him on the cart makes him that much easier to shoot down.

A Strigoi may not look like much, having a slightly comtse statline to a Vampire Lord for points, not being able to take magical armor, being stuck as a level 1 caster in Lore of Vampires. It can also be mounted on a Terrorgheist.

Giving him a magic weapon isn’t necessary seeing as he already has 5 Poisoned Attacks and S5 is not as much of a boon as you’d think. If you’re paying to swap his poisoned attacks for extra attacks or strength as he loses those Poisoned Attacks as they do not apply to magic vampies, and it’s stated in the core rulebook a character with a magic weapon MUST use it.

No matter how you’re planning to use him, just make sure you have a plan for your casters since this guy is almost pure combat at mastery level 1. Leadership is almost meaningless to Vampires as they cannot be codes.

If you have the points, adding a few basic heroes to your list to bump the leadership in a few key units can still be a worthwhile investment for f8 wounds they prevent when crumbling comes around. Something that can take Lore of Vampires can also take over as general. Cheaper Vampire Lord and almost identical other than having inferior stats, half the allowance of magic items and Vampire upgrades, and can be a maximum of level 2 Wizard in Death, Shadow, or Vampires. Like the Lord equivalent they don’t come with any equipment standard, so if you put all your points in magic don’t send them into combat or they’re going to get slaughtered.

Can be upgraded to BSB, and gets Ocmtes upgrades regardless of that fact. The last option is great for supporting a killy Lord, or comtee even helping Mannfred get some kills. Pretty much the same statline as a Vampire, with the S and T swapped around and vampiress extra Wound being the notable changes.