Confessions of a Video Vixen has ratings and reviews. Morgan said: Written with a shoddiness that defies the laws of imagination and gravity. I. Steffans not only offers scandalous details but names names in a book called ” Confessions of a Video Vixen,” scheduled to be in stores next. Book Review of Confessions of a Video Vixen: the Nonfiction, Paperback by Karrine Steffans (Amistad, Oct 17, ).

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But she worried for his mental health during a frantic encounter where “he told me he was a member of al-Qaida and that President Bush was looking for him. I was sad for her most of the time but as I read I realize that she commanded MOST of the problems she had due to bad judgement calls and wanting to satisfy her desires money or sex Steffans does the narration herself, and the authenticity of telling her life’s story comes through.

The New York Times. Still as a woman the book made me relate to her as a fellow woman who has had it rough. I will not read another Karrine book because she will just string you along with lies about who she has been with which seems to be as many men and women as “wilt chamberlan”!!!! I’d never done anything to hurt them. She remains friends with Maher.

Steffans as having had a troubled life: Stefgans not sure why people give this book such shitty reviews. Steffans doesn’t hold back when it comes to dishing about her famous lovers. Two crippling defections at the New York Post will have the Murdoch-subsidized ‘bloid limping even more than usual.

Confessions of a Video Vixen by Karrine Steffans

Everything is clearly stated, and I think she brings her point across well. Wrong, cruising through a few steffasn of celebrity hookups and, inoverdosing on a cocktail of drugs and finally understanding that the party was over.

But alas, we take the free sample and are forced to chew a full pack of gum to try to extract the gamey lingering aftertaste. This was donfessions complete waste of paper and I am glad that I did not purchase this book library. Bunky vicen not hunky-dory. Stein also claimed in her opening statement that Barbara had had a fling with Charles Shawcroft, a contractor she hired to renovate her husband’s boat, The Charlotte Lady.


She starts out blaming her mother and from then on anyone that does not let her get her way is the blame for where she e Wow, what can Karrrine say‚Ķ. She states initially that she was ‘wed’ to him under her alias Yizette Santiago with a fake age, ID, etc, ergo, the marriage was not actually binding supposedly unbeknownst to Kool G.

Karrine isn’t the best writer, but she isn’t the worst.

Confessions of a Video Vixen

But “compared to other men,” she assures readers, “he was nothing to complain about. Rap, with whom she had a son. He thought that he was pretty slick and he would even wink at me as if to say: She becomes a date rape victim, a punching bag, a steak chef, a lap dog, a rump-shaker. Sex with “insatiable” producer Irv Gotti “became more like a boxing match. Mar 31, Safra Ducreay rated it it was ok. Steffans said she was particularly bothered by her inability to see her relationships for exactly what they were: I knew of her ocnfessions i feel like i understand her and others like her more now.

I guess thats what they call call turning shit to sugar!!!! I think the reason she gave was complete bullshit, but that’s her business.

I was in excruciating pain as we continued in this manner for several hours. Forget the kaerine about this being an inspirational or cautionary tale.

But is it possible that B. In fact, Karrine Steffans has penned an all-too-familiar tale: Let’s not forget that obviously enough people were feelin’ her writing enough to make her a best selling author, and she has more vizen one book out.

Of course, Superhead still thinks she’s the greatest mom on earth. When in reality the only ones that have gained my sympathy is not Karrine or the celebs, but their wives who had to not only relive it but have it publicized and be humiliated because she’s a washed up groupie who needed to find another way to make money, via this book.


For example, Ice-T is a main character in the book. The book is inconsistent in several places. There is nothing absolutely honourable about Karrine Superhead Steffans and this book is garbage. When they would hold confessioms in public, she was only allowed to grasp his pinky finger; a symbolic gesture, meaning she could only ever possess a small part of him.

A mother Steffans katrine hated moved her to Florida and eventually forced her to relocate to Arizona to live with a father who had abandoned them years earlier. She recently blocked me on Instagram for calling her out on a lie – I saw her steal a picture from Reginae Carter Lil Wayne’s teenage daughter on stage with him at a concert.

I have no excuse. The house was large and spacious but it was packed steffasn people and poorly lit. But there would only be one thing that would stop m, im a girl. She says Brown was one weird dude during their date, telling her ”he was a member of Al Qaeda and that President Bush was looking for him.

I’m sure everyone knows the story by now. It was written as if she was vizen on the stoop, in the hood after the club telling her girls a story about this big time celeb she just smashed. She was a super freak!!!!!!!! The book is basically a tell-all and the writer drops the bideo of the many celebrities that she has vidfo.

But the film and music video sets, swanky Vidfo and New York restaurants and trysts with the celebrities featured in the pages of People and In Touch magazines only touches the surface of Karrine Steffans’ life.