One of the classic naval adventure stories of World War II, Monsarrat’s novel tells the tale of two British ships trying to escape destruction by wolf pack U-boats. The Cruel Sea by Nicholas Monsarrat, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Nicholas Monsarrat, the British amateur sailor turned author who wrote the best‐ selling novel “The Cruel Sea” and two dozen other books, died.

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Oct 08, Jim rated it really liked it. And sometimes the thing was in terms still cruder: Now, more and more books which have long rested upon nifholas are becoming gifts. But the men are the stars of this story. In any case, I didn’t buy it. There are some big set pieces, but those are few and far between.

There was no one like Gregg, the seaman with the unfaithful wife, there was no one like Wainwright to cherish the depth charges, there was no one like Yeoman Wells who looked after the signal men with a father’s care; or if there were these characters on board, as there must still have been, they did not meet the eye, they had the permanent disguise of being names on hicholas watch bill or a pay list, not individuals whose foibles had to be remembered.

Nichplas of which conspires to make it sound slightly worse than it i Not awful.

The Cruel Sea

She is a corvette, a new type monsartat escort ship, an experiment designed to meet a desperate situation still over the horizon. You have to have at least some kind of interest in the subject matter when reading a book like The Cruel Sea and some broader knowledge about WW II certainly helps.

It brings home the realities of the longest battle in the second world war, the Battle for the Atlantic, but it does so not through harrowing depiction of the horrors involved, but through its detailed depiction the people involved, people we come to care about, to admire, and to mourn. The enemy becomes transformed from humans with differing points of view into mere objects of resistance: Ericson is the veteran, who monsarrrat what must be done and struggles with the weight of his responsibility.

In rough seas which were frequent you were riding waves that might be 50 feet or more high and then descending into troughs of these waves.

Even with that, it was definitely worth nicholae read and easily rounds up to five stars. Monsarrat’s more famous novels, notably The Tribe That Lost Its Head and its sequel Richer Than All His Tribedrew on his experience in the diplomatic service and make important reference to the colonial experience of Britain in Africa.


I once worked with a man that was in the U. The narrator was Martin Muncaster. Most of the time, the Compass Rose is on the periphery of the action. Kennedy, Engineers of Victory Penguin p. His career as a solicitor encountered a swift end when he decided to leave Liverpool for London, with a half-finished manuscript under his arm and only forty pounds in his pocket.

Talking of favourite books, mine is also by Nicholas Monsarrat, but seems to be a lot well less known. The nature of submarine warfare seems to defy any notion or idea of a fair fight.

He intended to practise law. The author masterfully develops the officers and many of the crew as an entity, a family as it were, engaged in an activity where everyone has their part to play and all play that part well because the others are depending on him. The writing is often exquisite. The settings varied, from Pacific jungles to the North African desert to in this case North Atlantic convoy shipping.

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There are no depictions of sexual activity. Monsarrat writes with a staid, formal “British” prose, somewhat at odds with the occasional typo This is Nicholas Monsarrat’s best work, in my opinion, and it falls into the “Must Read” category for WWII fans.

Anyhow, the crew come together on a miserable scow of a corvette Compass Rose they are assigned to escort conveys, across the Atlantic to St JohnsNewfoundland, once to Mumansk, once disastrously to Gibraltaronce to New York leading to the usual complaints about the Americans view spoiler [ they are loud, brash and have terrible food and worse nicholqs hide spoiler ]en-route they also complain about the neutrality of the Irish, and about the French who they suspect for the sake of love would happily change sides, the Dutch and Norwegians are reckoned to be ok though view spoiler [ in this the book confirms to the classic British late imperial hierarchy of the nations hide spoiler ].

The Cruel Sea weighs in at pages; the last couple ssa, covering the period when the Allies had practically won the war, are far shorter than earlier ones. View all 12 comments.


And the defenders are transformed into machines that are virtually unaware monsarat the hatred that they display. The real star of the novel is however in the title, the Cruel Sea.

I felt to be living through those years, sharing sex the experiences described — whether at sea on a corvette and then a frigate or on land. The Cruel Sea is a novel by Nicholas Monsarrat. Dec 10, Randal rated it it was ok. It’s truly outstanding, written by a former Royal Navy officer who drew on his own harrowing adventures for the basic narrative. After loudly claiming that love is a monswrrat from duty and that an officer should have his mind only on the job in hand, Lockhart gets some wish fullfilment when the author puts in his way the sexiest Wren in all of England and channels Hemingway with a passionate affair followed by a gratuitous killing of the girl.

But since I so enjoyed How to Live: Sex witness as often as a participant. The action in such events in a game of hide and seek requiring cunning and patience, lots of patience. Sometimes, in sheltered water, when the moon was full, they moved with the convoy past hills outlined against the pricking stars: View all 5 comments.

The Cruel Sea (novel) – Wikipedia

What they said, made me curious to learn more and I read a lot about the war, as a child and as an adult and also watched a lot of documentary cduel. The first chapter is set inthe last ingiving it an ambitious scope. In a probably totally unrelated coincidence, the scene echoes the final scene from L’Amant by Jean Jacques Annaud, with the same composer and the same release of control on emotion: It was grey, slow, monsarraf, attritional, interminable.

At the beginning, there was time for all sort of things – making allowances for people, and joking, and treating people like sensitive human beings, and wondering whether they were happy, and whether they – they liked you or not.

I am an admitted fan of the Age of Fighting Sail genre of literature. It has a hundred and fifty men because that is a manageable number of people to tell a story about. It is right underneath you. Established as a top name writer, Monsarrat’s career concluded with ‘The Master Mariner’, a historical novel of epic proportions the final part of which was both finished using his notes and published posthumously.