Good luck with that one-I’ve been a few inches away from finding it online but when I got there the guy who had posted it (it was on another. Download 6 free sheet music and scores:Flight Of The Bumblebee Cziffra, Sheet music, scores.

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Die Musik in Czirfra und Gegenwart: I think it’d be a great hit, unless I collapse at the keyboard before finishing, but then again that might have some added entertainment value. She had decided she was going to learn the piano after finding a job which allowed her to save the required amount bumblebwe money for buying an upright piano. His unit was sent to the Russian front.

I doubt I could play any of those things in two lifetimes I could do it in low quality, since geocities only allows 15 megs. I czifffra your little personal saying, or whatever they call it, and thought you were looking for the Campanella. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Originally posted by Goldberg: Inhe founded the Festival de la Chaise-Dieu in the Auvergne, and three years later he inaugurated the piano competition named after him at Versailles.


Got to say I don’t actually like that transcription but the virtuosity is amazing!! Speaking of insanely hard transcriptions, have you seen any of Horowitz’s? He was captured by Russian partisans and held as a prisoner of war. I just finished listening to it on midi and I think I need a new pair of underwear. Is it comparable to any of the Etudes Transcendentale by Liszt?

But, I have ordered two books of Cziffra’s transcriptions from sheetmusicplus.

György Cziffra

Quite a bit of stuff, but would be more interesting if I could download more of bumbleebee Please Support Our Advertisers. Interlocking octaves in Flight of teh bumblebee are crazy! His parents had lived in Paris before World War Iwhen they were expelled as enemy aliens.

Shrek, I’m not sure what you meant by posting that, it’s the music to the 2nd edition of the Paganini-Liszt La Campanella, and not of the Bumblebee. Anybody who know a web-page where I can get this piece?


Dissertation, Bumblwbee of North Carolina Greensboro, Retrieved from ” https: A Dictionary for the Modern Pianist. He gave numerous concerts in Hungary, Scandinavia and the Netherlands.

György Cziffra – Wikipedia

Originally posted by sandman: Hungarian Gypsy Style in the Lisztian Spirit: Or by becoming a Zciffra member! What difficulty would you rate Horowitz’s Carmen Variations? Well, the point is it looks insane. I don’t have Cziffra playing the Flight of the bumblebee Transcription. Gould Post Club Member.

In Cannons and Flowershis autobiography, which has been described as “a hallucinatory journey through bumbblebee, acclaim, hostility and personal tragedy”, Cziffra recounts his life story up until Hopefully it will turn up somwhere Also Knabe Piano by Dre