Asexual reproduction is done Cryptophyta division through mitosis. Mitosis is the division of body cells. Cells also undergo cytokinesis that is. The unicellular flagellates belonging to the division Cryptophyta are asymmetric cells dorsiventrally constructed (Figure ). They bear two unequal, hairy. Just before cell division, new kinetosomes and undulipodia appear with a new The Cryptophyta, cryptomonads or cryptophyte algae, have chloroplasts that.

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Based on how to obtain their food divided Atasa plankton: Phytoplankton inside there are several divisions, one of which Cryptophyta division. Cryptophyta are a group of unicellular unique. This group is a eukaryotic, which has the esophagus. All of these species have flagella, motile, and have one or two chloroplasts and has clorophyl a and c, phycocyanin dividion phycoeretrin as well as some of the carotenoid that gives a brownish color on their bodies.

Can perform photosynthesis or survive by using bacteria. Generally not used as feed in aquaculture environment, however, the wild population is food for rotifers, clams, oysters and shrimp larvae. In this paper will discuss the general characteristics, structure, classification, and the reproductive system Cryptophyta. Cryptophyta is a cryptophyya algae that has two flagella are used for swimming. Have a photosynthetic pigment consists of chlorophyll a and b as in plants, carotenoids and some xantofil.

A relatively small group, but the ecological and evolutionary importance. Phytoplankton habitat in the freshwater and marine environments.

Cryptophyta – definition of Cryptophyta by The Free Dictionary

Reserves foods such as starch, cell wall composed of cellulose, xylan, manan, some not-walled cells, and has a flagella fruit. This Biota has shaped crgptophyta cell dorsiventral and body surrounded by periplast. A pair of flagella appear at the ventral and is a form of an extension of a hallway, which originate at the anterior end of the cell.


Examples of flagella Cryptomonas ovate 7. Biota has a clear pigmentation. Nevertheless there is also a colorless biota. The color pigmentation caused biota of red, blue, yellow, brown or green. The pigment color change can occur. Chroomonas salina red when young, but after parents tend to be colored green. The chloroplast is surrounded by four layers of the membrane.

Two of the innermost layer is a shell of the strong to protect the chloroplast. Two of the outermost layer is the chloroplast endoplasmic reticulum CER.

Cryptophyta elliptical and have two flagella. Cryptophyta has a unique cell cover, called periplast containing ejektosomonas also called trichocyststightly coiled strands of protein that also contains toxins. Ejektosomones a defense mechanism. A cell may issue ejektosomones if it feels threatened by predators, divisiob as zooplanker.

Ejektosomones distracting and give Cryptophyta time to swim away. Cryptophyta can eat prey heterotrophic or use photosynthesis autotrophic to obtain energy for cells. Different cells because pitur on feriplast called a groove.

In the groove, or throat more ejektosome. The cells crryptophyta capable of ingesting eating or protoctists bacteria and toxins from ejektosome subjugate or kill their prey. Photosynthesizing cells use and aksesari pigment chlorophyll. Cryptophyta have additional pigment alpha-carotene, cryptoxanthin and alloxanthi.

Cryptophyta reproductive system is divided into two stages: Asexual reproduction and Reproduction seksuals 1. Asexual reproduction Asexual reproduction is done Cryptophyta division through mitosis. Mitosis is the division of body cells. Cells also undergo cytokinesis that is, a process of division of the cytoplasm of the posterior end.

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Plastid and nucleomorph in for before mitosis, nucleomorph move to opposite ends of the plastid. For having two flagella, can occur one daughter cells carrying both cryptophya flagella and lin daughter cells will produce new flagella or may occur daughter cells each carrying one flagella and then each will produce a more divieion. Sexual reproduction In general, sexual reproduction of cryptophyta division still has not been well studied or sometimes reports of reproduction has not been confirmed by either.


Then came the cell fusion fusion and formed divieion subsequently undergo ineiosis and into a new individual. The fresh water and sea. The dominant species in some Antarctic lakes. Also found in the water interestial sandy shore.

Role for life 1. Through photosynthesis prose, chlorella transform carbon dioxide CO2 cryptopyta oxygen O2. In the human body, this oxidation process to clean the network of cells and the bloodstream. Compare with other products that take up to vivision hours. Crypto chlorella contains large amounts of protein which is balanced by the amino acid composition. Crypto chlorella have vitamins and minerals along with phytonutrients active in large amounts, sources of nutrients rich in DNA and RNA that can help rejuvenate the body structure of the cell.

Crypto chlorella contains chlorophyll green and phycocyanin blue in large quantities. Chlorophyll is known to filter blood. Phycocyanin is an anti-oxidant that is very strong and DAPT is used to protect the liver liver and kidneys.

Crypto chlorella has the ability to transform cells much acid into the neutral condition. Acid cell condition that can make a person susceptible to disease. Crypto chlorella is the level of immune boosters immune system is very strong.

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