has a tutorial for a basic one. We’ve been kicking around hydrone ideas for a while. There was talk of trying to work with a few. While doing my normal scan of citizen science projects out on the net, I came across a simplistic hydrophone for whale sounds. While I know. For a bigger DIY submarine project, we decided to use a DIY hydrophone instead of a classic microphone or the microphone integrated in a.

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The material list viy as follows: Hopefully that helps you out. Istanbul hydrophlne great for materials especially in the Karakoy district near the Galata bridge. The concept of sound is vibration, so a piezo seemed to be a perfect option. Most importantly, water must not be able to enter the body of the microphone. Thanks to Chris Watson for the inspiration! If you have a mono input on your recorder than you can simply use one piezo.

do-it-yourself hydrophones – john grzinich

Skip to content A few weeks ago I was talking to Dave Burraston about microphones and he strongly encouraged me to start building my own — specifically, hydrophones. Your email address will not be published. Sample sounds and descriptions of common dolphinsSnapping Shrimphumpback whale etc. T-PODS for recording dolphin and porpoise cliks.


A few weeks ago I was talking to Dave Burraston about microphones and he strongly encouraged me to start building my own — specifically, hydrophones. While in Riga this past weekend, I dropped the hydrophones into the Daugava river.

Then carefully slide the smaller foot into the larger one until the two are firmly sealed together. Of course, the piezo had to be in the box, so we glued it on the right side of the cover plate whith a glue gun.

Hydrophone DIY

Email required Address never made public. I got a Tascam DR to line-in my contact mics, but I get too much buzzing interference. Original pair of hydrophones I decided to build but then lost after hearing some good recordings and discussing with others their experiences.

dyi If it does the solder connection at the piezos may short and you will not get any signal. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Of course, we tried a sound test in the water as well.

DIY hydrophones

The two piezo electric disks already had water proof seals and are wired in parallel. LikeBe the first to like this. Viy are microphones used for the purpose of recording sound in water and often consist of a transducer housed in a water resistant membrane or ceramic enclosure which facilitates the capture of vibratory phenomena.


Music Test in Water with watterproof Smartphone: Notify me of new comments via email. Telephone condenser microphone, with built in pre-amp, covered doy rubber to keep water out. Lead weight underneath to counteract buoyancy. Water dept was 7m, hydrophone depth 5m. To make the box of the hydrophone, we had to find the perfect one. The center goes to the positive and the ground goes to the outer ring.

Ah — this was a few years ago. Epoxy hydropphone great but its toxic so be sure to work in a well ventilated space. WMA of waves on a beach.

Following my discussion with Dave I knocked out a couple of inexpensive hydrophones and took them down south on a roadtrip down to Milang, South Australia earlier this month.

I haven’t tried fiy one. This site uses cookies. Time limit is exhausted.

To start with you need to solder the piezo to the cable. We repeated the same process just like for the first prototype.