PDF | On Jan 1, , D. Sandu and others published Dezvoltare comunitară și regională. Authors and Editors. Dumitru Sandu at University of Bucharest. PDF | On Jan 1, , Dumitru Sandu and others published Practica dezvoltarii comunitare, PDF | On Jan 1, , Dumitru Sandu and others published Practica reflexiva in dezvoltarea comunitara.

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The remitting behaviours of migrants are, in our approach, multidimensional, encompassing economicsocial and cultural content.

Population Research and Policy Review. Key principles and findings that could be relevant for migration and diaspora policies in Romania. See associated data basis of local human development index LHDI for all the communes and cities of Romania, for and at Gandirea regionala in miscarea gustiana de ridicare a satului, more. The typological analysis of home orientation diverges from the standard approach, which is in terms of high or low intensity of cross-border activities of remitting or communicating between immigrants and those they have left behind.

Romanian StudiesDiaspora Studiesand Transnational migration. Practica dezvoltarii comunitare, more.

Labour migration from agriculture. Romanian Diaspora and Diaspora voting. Practica reflexiva in dezvoltarea comunitara more. We are interested in understanding if and how gender influences the labor force Datele pe care le prezint in cele doua fisiereunul la nivel de sat RCMsate. Dissatisfaction and opportunities in different spheres of life job, education, family and friendship networks, and lifestyles are the key variables explaining the dynamics within the nexus.

First of all, the focus was on the question of how to save the monuments, the churches, as most prominent part of the cultural heritage. Theory, Methods and Findings, more. The answer is given in terms of multilevel selectivity of migration abroad. Regional disparities are analysed, on the one hand, by aggregated values of that index and, on the other hand, by considering the dynamics of GDP per inhabitant, infant mortality rate and life expectancy at birth.


Community DevelopmentIdeologyand Local Participation. Hope to having them published in the near future. Social transnationalism STNS in Europe proved to be a multilevel, multidimensional, and field-dependent phenomenon. During the first period — the clustering pattern is changing towards a higher degree of similitude between proximate departments and also towards a greater differentiation of patterns of development similitude.

The answer is provided by considering the multiple relations between the opinion on the perceived directions of change in Romania, on the one hand, and a large set of predictors referring to public agenda, trust in institutions, status variables and regional location within the country. Valori si tipuri sociale in Romania. Comunitatile de Romi din Romania. The remaining four chapters present the empirical analyses.

Sociologul Dumitru Sandu: “Politicienii judecă Strada ca şi cum ar fi cea de acum de ani”

The information was collected by a form sent to all the villages of the country, filled in by local experts. Dynamics of Romanian emigration after saandu Livability and Jiu Valley Region.

These are the two basic questions of the study. Extras din fisierul de date tip sav realizat comnitara cadrul cercetarii pentru Banca Mondiala-Agentia Nationala pentru Romi, in Modernisation is understood in this paper as a family of social practices supportingdirectly or indirectly, reflexive knowledge and disembedding actions Giddens, to reach dezvoltsre extension of opportunity spaces Sen, for A theoretical model of social reproduction processes in spatial setting is worked out in order to cope with a lot of empirical data and to reveal their social significance.

The doctoral dissertation of Olguta Vasilescu, mayor of a large city, was proved to be a plagiarism by Faculty of Sociology and Social Work from Bucharest and Ethic Commission of University of Bucharest.

Dumitru Sandu | University of Bucharest –

In this context, higher predictability means greater variation of the synthetic variable of home orientation by social, cultural and economic factors as compared to the impact of the same factors on the more abstract variable of economic remittances. As a function of their neighbouring and historical region location, the departments are clustering in intraregional similar nuclei and interregional “bridges of similitude”.


Implications of the results for political system and public policy decision are discussed. The relationship between previous structures and the current migration motivations of Romanian youth are also addressed via a comparative European-level analysis.

Three hypotheses are formulated on: Baza de date ATSRsate este un fisier sav cu 32 de variabile pe cazuri, respectiv sate.

The theoretical frame is built comunitwra reference to the concepts of life strategy, human, social, economic and community capital and innovation diffusion. Population options on public agenda are contextualised by country economic development, social stratification, cultural items and regional location.

The hyerarchical ordering of such indicators on the basis of an orginal technique for processing data structural analysis of correlations — ANSCOR resulted in such empirical findings as: Judetul Teleorman, more.

Sociologul Dumitru Sandu: “Politicienii judecă Strada ca şi cum ar fi cea de acum 10-20 de ani”

Materialul poate fi descarcat aici. Modernising Romanian society through temporary work abroad, more. Indicele dezvoltarii umane locale Local human development index.

Three of these types are strategic: It argues for the fact that cross-border activities combine in different ways to generate specific social types of remitting practices.

Modul de constructie a indicatorilor descrisi in fisier este descris in dumktru de prezentare a principalelor disparitati sociale regionale din Romania. It is based on survey and official data. Regional component of spatial development is added to the book. This is the key question of the analysis.