KUMIS QUINUA. kumis quinua LACTEOSBOL. By ceyla90 | Updated: Nov. 5, , p.m.. Loading Slideshow Movie. Modo de elaboración. En el vaso de la batidora echaremos el yogur junto al aceite de oliva, un poco de perejil picado, la pimienta y la sal (a nuestro gusto) y . Un ejemplo común de leche fermentada, es el kumis, el cual es el subproducto resultante de un proceso de coagulación bacteriana de la leche. ¿Que es una.

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The object of this research was the Experimental and Elaboacion Farm: The production of passion fruit on the farm takes place seven months after sowing, achieving weekly harvests over periods that have lasted 18 months.

Clearly, it is not the goal of the farm to generate money, so there must be an emphasis on constructing a self-sustaining development model in which part of the operational costs are derived from the commercialization of the products obtained from the research and productive projects.

This indicator will allow for the evaluation of production growth on the farm, measuring the kuumis of products that are generated in each of the productive systems, focusing on those that have been indicated as having potential eggs, milk, cachama, passion fruit and papaya. Create and maintain a work team that is suitable, efficient, and committed to the new organizational model of the elaborqcion. It is necessary to clarify that the implementation of the strategic management system constitutes a new management proposal for the start of implementing a management system that has demonstrated effectiveness in institutional strengthening for agro-livestock companies.

Based on the concepts developed by various authors, one can determine that among the principal characteristics of strategic planning, the fulfillment of strategic plans at an organizational level is seen, considered the global elabiracion of the organization.

Rlaboracion new marketing plan of the El Cairo farm contemplates as its first objective reinforcing the corporate image of the farm; that is to say, an image must be generated that will allow for the identification and recognition of the farm within society and that ,at the elaborqcion time, provides information about its services and products.

At the production level, projects that have demonstrated success must be strengthened, with their continuation as a goal.

flujograma elaboración YOGURT TRABAJO

Recognizing the difficulties of the papaya cultivation system, the production strategy establishes an increase in the sown area and the construction of drainage systems that would prevent flooding; ce a complement to the production system of this crop, the existing nurseries, that are currently not used, could be taken advantage. Given that the current commercialization is improvised and incipient, there is a need to generate a structured commercialization scheme with established distribution channels.


Based on the theoretical models of SallenaveGoodstein et al. It is recommended that, in terms of administration and accounting, each production subsystem be conducted in a separate manner and with a strict control of activities and resources Another aspect identified during the research dealt with the management of the farm, which depended directly on the management of the branch.

Until now, a silvopastural system that guarantees a permanent supply of feed year-round has not been established on the farm. This paper presents a design for a strategic management plan for the Experimental Agricultural and Academic Farm: Table 2 presents the current state of the distinct subsystems of the farm. Conclusions Currently, the organizational and management model of the El Cairo farm is not suitable from the point of elanoracion of the mission objectives of research and teaching.

Editorial Trillas, Mexico DF.

Fifty percent of the consulted graduating students indicated that there had been few benefits with the research and continuing education services provided by the farm. Managin in turbulen times. The development of the research was carried out in two stages: The concept of strategic planning was created during the 60s and 70s in response to the needs of the time that arose from the goals and challenges faced by companies of the period Drucker Methodology and research process The object of this research was the Experimental and Academic Farm: Proyecto fortalecimiento de las sedes de presencia nacional, Sede Arauca.

Proposed organizational structure One of the critical aspects identified in the diagnostic stage was the uncertainty of the personnel that works on the farm in terms of the directives and functions that each must perform due to the fact that the labor is assigned in an improvised manner and there is a lack of training. Services on Demand Article. This indicator will constitute a tool for the evaluation of the regional projection of the farm, reflected in the growth rate of clients and service users and as a result of the implementation of the marketing plan.

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The institutional mission of the Elaboracon Cairo farm has always included being a developmental model at the technical, administrative, and productive levels, which is why the developmental model of El Cairo could be considered as contributing to the improvement of the standard of living elaboraicon the region.


Another system that is considered to be of vital importance to the production level is that of elaboeacion and forage. The inclusion of workers in research projects will allow the employees to not only complete their tasks but also to be constantly trained for the labor they perform in accordance with the technological needs of the sector, thereby helping the farm to maintain its educative function.

For Goodsteina strategic plan is a document that synthesizes, on an economic-financial, strategic, and organizational level, the current and future positioning of the organization.

Semi-structured surveys and interviews were used with various actors involved at distinct stages of the farms operations Administrative, functionaries, operations, and interns in order to collect information. This management system requires a commitment on the part of the directors, both of the farm and the branch. In accordance with the new mission and vision of the farm, a series of objectives was formulated that will have a 5-year evaluation period and that will continue to be determined: Growth of clients or service users indicator.

As a component of the development of the long-term production plan, it is necessary to carry out an analysis of the investments that must be made in the future in order to invigorate the productive processes for the production and transformation of derivative milk products, such as yogurt and kumis.

One of the critical aspects identified in the diagnostic stage was the uncertainty of the personnel that works kumiz the farm in terms of the directives and functions d each must perform due to the fact that the labor is assigned in an improvised manner and there is a lack of training.

The new management of the El Cairo farm must also be concerned with creating a place for self-criticism that results in actions that improve the efficiency conditions, not only within the economic confines but also in the social, research and continuing education levels.