Embedded Linux: Hardware, Software, and Interfacing. Front Cover. Craig Hollabaugh. Pearson Education, – Embedded computer systems – pages. by. Craig Hollabaugh. · Rating details · 4 ratings · 0 reviews. Embedded Linux will help the user: select an Embedded Linux platform based on hardware . Author: Hollabaugh, Craig; Subjects: Linux. (Computer file); Embedded computer systems – Programming.; Linux; Contents. Pt. I. Getting Started; 1. Introducing.

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Embedded Linux will help the user: Embedded Linux covers the development and implementation of interfacing applications on an embedded Linux platform. It includes a comprehensive discussion of platform selection, crosscompilation, kernel compilation, root filesystem creation, booting, remote debugging, real-world interfacing, application control, data collection, archiving, and presentation.

In addition, you will find simple device driver module code criag connects external devices to the kernel, and network integration code that connects embedded Linux field devices to a centralized control center. Examples teach hardware developers how to store and activate field bits and deliver process information using open source software.


If you are a hardware developer, software developer, system integrator, or craiig manager who’s begun exploring embedded Linux for interfacing applications, this book is for you. His first embedded design, US Patent 5,, remotely monitors a petroleum process.

Craig currently consults for three companies from his home in Ouray, Colorado. At Clifton, Weiss and Associates, he’s a member of a carrier-class telecommunications network design team.

Home Computing Pearson Embedded Linux. Product detail Title no longer available. Emhedded information Description Embedded Linux will help the user: Table of Contents Introduction. Why Linux, Why Now? What Is an Embedded System? What Does Real-Time Mean? Implications of Open Source.

The Silverjack Resort Layout. The Project Trailblazer System Architecture. Selecting a Platform and Installing Tool Sets. The Project Trailblazer Strategic Direction.

Building tbdev1, the Embedded Linux Development Workstation. Installing the Linux Operating System. The Linux Boot Process. The Linux root Filesystem. Required Files for init. Required Files for bash.

The root Filesystem Binary Files: Creating the root Filesystem. Deciding Which Package to Use. The Process for Building the root Filesystem.


Booting the Brightstar Engineering MediaEngine. Network-Mounting the root Filesystem. Configuring the NFS Server. Configuring the Target Kernels. Asynchronous Serial Communication Interfacing.

Embedded Linux – CraigHollabaugh – – Betriebssysteme – Linux (74)

Control Using the Parallel Port. Standard Parallel Port Control Using ppdev. Developing a Custom Device Driver. The Hardware Design Process. Configuring the Memory Controller for the MediaEngine. Synchronous Serial Communication Interfacing. Temperature Sensing and Display.

Embedded Linux

Connecting the LM70 to the MediaEngine. Using Interrupts For Timing. Measuring Interrupt Latency on the MZ Measuring Interrupt Latency on the MediaEngine.

Interrupt Latency Test Summary. Implementing the Race Timer. Installing the System Integration Applications. Creating and Testing the Project Trailblazer Database.

Collecting and Distributing Temperature Data. Collecting and Distributing Image Data. The Embedded Linux Vendor Offerings.