Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols – Two irresistible boys. One unforgettable summer. Lori can’t wait for her summer at the lake. She loves wakeboarding and.. . Read Endless Summer by Jennifer Echols by Jennifer Echols by Jennifer Echols for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and. The Boys Next Door by Jennifer Echols The Ex Games by Jennifer Echols Major Crush by Jennifer Echols A Novel Idea by Aimee Friedman Endless Summer by.

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Log in No account? I answer these folks with a polite no.

For most of my books, I do not hear back from the reader again. And it breaks my heart because the answer is still no.

Why I (usually) don’t write sequels, part 2 – Jennifer Echols

I am flattered by these requests. They mean readers enjoyed the first book so much, they want it to continue. But these comments also make me sad because I am not delivering what symmer say they want.

So I am going to lay it all out for you here: The answer is long and not something I can explain in a short e-mail response jenniffr to you. If you want a new book that features a minor character from the last book, I am all for it–at endlsss for my romantic comedies, at least in theory. This is a well-loved device in adult romantic fiction. Vicki does a particularly good job of interweaving her stories so that each book contributes to the overall journey of this family, yet the focus of each book is still firmly on the couple at hand, and a reader could easily pick up the second book or the third book and read, understand, and enjoy it without ever reading the others.

When I sold Major Crushit was designed to be the first of four books, each about a different couple in the same marching band. The publisher wanted only one book.

Book: Endless Summer: The Boys Next Door and Endless Summer

When that book sold well, I asked permission several more times if I could write a book about the minor characters Walter and Austin, and the publisher said no. In The Ex GamesI tried again.

I wrote in two more couples who liked each other but had not gotten together at the end of the book, so I could write their novels next.

The publisher did not want me to do jennider, so I revised the manuscript, and those couples are now happily together at the end of the book.

But if you mean you want another book about the same couple I have just written about, you have lost me. What do you want a sequel for? These authors have written almost no YA sequels. Their books are stand-alone. My favorite adult romance author was Mary Stewart. My favorite adult romance author today jennifre Jennifer Crusie.

I love to pick up a contemporary romance, read it, enjoy it, finish it, and move on to something else. If I absolutely love the book, of course the first thing I do when I finish it is buy everything else the author ever wrote. I do NOT look for or pine for another romance about the same couple. Because that would suck. I am talking about contemporaries, okay? Paranormals are different, and so are other genres in which there is a lot more going jennifed in the plot than just lurve.


It would be like a TV show and the hero and heroine battle a new critter each time, right? There are no demons or serial killers. The book is smumer the couple getting together. At the end, you are waiting to see whether they get together, NOT whether they survive and get together. The love story is the entire focus of the book. How aummer times can this same couple do that? For how many books? I have felt this way about sequels for a long time, but I was delighted to find that Jennifer Crusie feels similarly, and this is what she has to say about it on her web site.

She puts it much more endlexs and elegantly than I do: I set that up very carefully to be as hard-hitting and dramatic as possible. I pull out all the stops.

I throw everything but the kitchen sink in there. That means that I am not thinking about leaving myself room to write books about the minor characters later. Everything in that book is honed to that one point.

Endless Summer eBook by Jennifer Echols | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

And I have no interest in writing another book about these same characters. I have been getting lots of e-mail asking for a book about Hunter and Erin moving on through college, and Doug and Zoey going to college together, and Meg and Johnafter going to college together.

But see, you do not need that book because there is no major conflict left. They have worked things out and are happy and in love and they are going to have a great time together. That might be a pleasant read but not a very exciting read. It is the endlexs equivalent of a Twitter account.

I could write about simmer other event in their lives, but that is not a romance anymore, so I am not interested in writing it.

I want every book I write to be the best one yet.

What about Endless Summerthen? The thing is, in The Boys Next Doorthe events are very important to these characters and they do work out their problems and get together in the end, but Adam is so volatile and Lori is so So I dropped dummer other shoe, and that was Endless Summer. In The Boys Next Doorthey get together. In Endless Summerthey learn to stay together. But they have spent both these books in their family units, pretty much away from most of their social peers.

I mean, a bad, ugly, emotional break-up like only Adam and Lori could do it. Or so they think. Jenhifer 4 was going to circle back around to the beginning of the following summer, sort of where The Boys Next Door started, and now they rediscover what they loved about each other in the first place and get back together for good. I was given approval to propose a sequel to Endless Summer –but only one.

As the people close to me reminded me, presenting a proposal for two when I had been asked for one would just fndless a nail in the coffin.

So I proposed basically book 3 but with a happy ending. The publisher rejected it. And you have to see things from their point of view. But if you saw a third book in the bookstore, as soon as you saw that it was the third book in a series and you had not fndless the first two, you would put it down. Even though these books have sold a lot of copies, I am not exactly a household name.


A few months later, I was asked to write a new romantic comedy for e-book release only, and the publisher was willing to consider the Endless Summer sequel again. This time I was the one who said no, for similar reasons. Many of my readers who are so sweet to seek out my books–they do not have e-readers, so they will not be buying this book.

A lot of people who do have e-readers and might be brand new to me would not want a sequel to a book they had not read. Faced with the prospect of a poor sales double-whammy, I elected to propose a romantic comedy about a brand new couple, Max and Gemma, and that is The Novel Formerly Known As Double Date. Anybody who happens upon this e-book can read it and enjoy it with no prior reading required.

Right now I am contractually obligated not to. Publishers want the book they publish by you to sell well, so they do not want you to flood the internets with other books that people could buy instead. I certainly see their point. I want my books to sell well too! I am a full-time novelist now. This is the only way I make money. I mean, I guess they could, and you could write a YA novel about your experience, because it would be full of conflict.

You could add a cute, mysterious boy and now this is actually sounding pretty good. I am writing Such a Rushmy romantic drama that will be my hardcover debut in July Because it is about new characters in a new setting, I am able to fill it with as much drama and poignancy and longing as I can possibly muster.

I am having the time of my life, because I am writing the book I want to read, and even though it has nothing to do with my other books, I hope you will give it a try. I think I missed it. I can totally understand why you’re reluctant to write sequels and I hope people will read this post and finally get it. I read Chick Lit more than YA, and the fee can be said for that – that although there are lots of sequels written, some shouldn’t be because the first book was sufficient.

I loved reading this post and it’s nice of you to explain it and it all makes perfect sense! The ending of ‘Love Free. And most of the other romance books I have read, they didn’t leave me to wonder as much as this book. It was truly great and I love it as much as all Jennifer Echols books but really sucks that the book can’t have a sequel And heck no I can’t imagine you writing something and offering it for free! Writing a novel is VERY hard work and takes a lot of time and energy.

I want them all to go on HEA sum,er my head, thanks! No one wants to read a book where the couple is happy happy happy the whole book some think they do, but they wouldn’tit endlesx bore readers to tears. I want you to go on writing NEW stories, and I will go on buying them. Think about this, too: And waiting for the next one not-so-patiently?