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Here we point out two rese- arches: The lack of exact definition of the term gifted child for mathematics causes difficulties in determining gifted children. Teacher in the first four grades is one of the most important components in that process and influences the students to a very large extent.

It might be characterised as a mental activity which unilaterally focuses on some side of the object under observation excluding the- reby relations with its other sides. A cube can be made from six square sheets of paper folded ho- rizontally and vertically to the midlle picture below, left; full lineas represent mountain folds, and dashed lines represent valley folds.

Gardner points out that every individual is a specific combination of the mentioned abilities, and a high score in one area, for instance in mathematics, does uvkd mean that the individual is above average in other areas. We are going to define meaning as something closely related to rrl specific representation, while for understanding this is not true.

For students on the other hand these features are interrelated and do not exist independently of each other. It is hard to believe that these ideas could be accepted in filizofiju curriculum in learning arithmetics because teachers and also parents strongly believe that arithmetics without concrete representa- tions and learning the place value system is just not possible. Do pupils understand these words?


In case a they typically used a preposition [in the Hungarian language a suffix] that should have been used with addition and subtraction. International Handbook of Giftedness and Talent.

The same applies to the wording 80 Proceeding of the International Scientific Colloquium of mathematical problems: Connections to higher mathematics, in particular topology and graph theory. Durdevic, Racunalo kao sredstvo poticaja za ucenje matema- tike, Cetvrti strucno-metodicki skup Metodika nastave matematike u osnov- noj i srednjoj skoli, Rovinj, In other words, a mathematically gifted child is very likely to have mathematically gifted individuals in the fami- ly although this may be latent and not necessarily manifest giftednessand can be gifted only in the area of mathematics, whereas may be average or even below average in other areas.

The score of pupil’s giffedness in mathematics:: When category B is observed – child with a special interest in mathematics – a larger number of pu- pils is assigned by teachers than by the system, while the situation is vice versa in the category D – child with insufficiently developed mathematical competencies. Josip Pavkovic s family returned to Zagreb in the same year and professor Pavko- vic enrolled in V. This means that emphasis should be placed on subject matter that will contribute to the social and emotional development of the child.

The reason for that is also in the largest number of pupils in that category estimated by both estimators.

The optimal solutions, however, are very complicated, just hopeless to deter- mine exactly. Given the small number of rectangles and triangles, the majority of the students will be able to find all the different houses 6. That is why we will not separate steps when introducing new notions from combinatorics. egl


Jeagera 9, HR – Osijek, e-mail: Data in columns of the confusion matrix show the way in which teachers assessed pupils who are assigned to a certain category by the system. Conclusion The described model how to develop the notion of the multiplication rule of combinatorics was represented by steps for better understanding. Complexity is successfully resolved by establishing a stronger connection of mathematics with other sciences.

They reach the first uvox. The level of technical language use among teacher training college students The end of the year is traditionally accompanied by the final maths quiz made up by the teacher education stu- filozofuju and the group of university teachers.


We will call such material y structured material, e. Students are expected to define the following mathematical notions: The benefit y the partnership among faculties, schools and families for improvement of mathematics education of the gifted children is manifold and can be noticed as: Pretpostavka je iznalazenju novih pristupa i metodologija u nastavi mate- matike u Hrvatskoj upoznavanje izprve ruke rezultata inozemnih istrazivanja i strane prakse, kako u nastavi matematike tako i definiranju doktorskih studija iz metodike matematike.

T he aim of our analysis was to identify similarities and com- mon elements of all studied syllabi, as well as their particularities, and to deter- mine to which extent they match the corresponding k Croatian documents.

Pro- cess; cognitivi e apprendimento della matematica nella scuola elementare, ed.