Read “The Jazz Bass Book Technique and Tradition” by John Goldsby with Rakuten Kobo. (Book). More than a player’s manual, this book. The Jazz Bass Book Technique and Tradition By John Goldsby (Foreword by Ron Carter) Goldsby is a respected bass player and Bass Player Magazine. I recommend it strongly. When I have time I’ll post more highlights. Now let’s see, The Jazz Bass Book by John Goldsby, or yet another Simandl Etude. hmmm.

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More than a player’s manual, this book portrays jazz bass as a vital element of 20th century American music.

Citing examples from key recordings in the jazz canon, the book defines the essence of the musical contributions made by more than 70 important jazz bassists, including Ray Brown, Eddie Gomez, Charles Mingus, Milt Hinton and many others. Bassists get expert guidance on mastering proper technique, practice methods and improvisation, plus new insight into the theoretical and conceptual aspects of jazz. The companion CD featuring bass plus rhythm section allows readers to hear technical examples from the book, presented in slow and fast versions.


It also offers play-along tracks of typical chord progressions and song forms. Foreword, by Ron Carter Preface: Bass is beautiful Intro Section 1. Walking through the years 2.

It’s got to be bop! A matter of trust: The early New Orleans bassists 5. The tuba in jazz 8. The Basie bassists Benny Goodman and the swing bassists The cello in jazz The Golesby Monk bassists: Coltrane and beyond The Bill Evans bassists: Rufus Reid Section 3.

Practice, practice, practice Chord symbols and what they mean Form, key centers, and compositional styles The IIm-V7 progression Minor chords toldsby the minor IIm-V7 progression Melodic walking bass lines Adding rhythmic interest to walking bass lines Dominant 7 chords and scales Altered dominant sounds Where do you start? Mind your threes bkok twos Sight-reading tricks and tips The Coltrane progression Bowing techniques Section 4. Swing is the thing Integrity, dedication, respect, competition, and honesty The Jazz Bass Book: