Henryk Mikołaj Górecki’s Concerto for Harpsichord (or Piano) and String Orchestra Op. 40 () was commissioned by the Polish Radio for. Harpsichord Concerto. op. 40 (). for harpsichord (or piano) and string orchestra. Duration: 9′. Scoring. if harpsichord solo: strings () if piano solo. A harpsichord concerto is a piece of music for an orchestra with the harpsichord in a solo role for Harpsichord and Chamber Orchestra (); Henryk Górecki – Harpsichord Concerto (); Walter Leigh – Concertino for Harpsichord and.

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Though the ‘revival instruments’ have now fallen out of favour, concerti continue to be written for harpsichord, though are now more likely to be played on a copy of a historical instrument, perhaps with a small orchestra or some amplification to ensure it can be well heard.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This sparkling piece lasts about harpsichotd minutes and consists of two fast movements, both centering around D. Introspection Late Night Partying. Jazz Latin New Age. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

Ninateka – Three composers – Harpsichord Concerto op. 40

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February Interlanguage link template link number. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. The return to the original material carries the movement through to the end; the phrases eventually become quite fractured, finally landing up on a sustained major triad to finish.

Retrieved from ” https: Time Present and Time Past. It was also popular at this time to adapt Italian concertos for other instruments such as violin and orchestra for solo harpsichord or organ —which Bach did with many of Vivaldi ‘s concertos.


Henryk Mikolaj Górecki – Harpsichord Concerto (), 40 – Music Sales Classical

The second movement is dance-like, with a jaunty melody being passed back and forth between the soloist and the strings. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The concerto transcriptions Bach made for harpsichord are listed as BWV — A harpsichord concerto is a piece of music for an orchestra with the harpsichord in a solo role though for another sense, see below. Bass oboe concerto Bassoon concerto Cello concerto Clarinet concerto Concerto for solo piano Double bass concerto Double concerto for violin and cello English horn concerto Flute concerto Harmonica concerto Harp concerto Harpsichord concerto Marimba concerto Oboe concerto Organ concerto Percussion concerto Piano concerto Timpani concerto Triple concertos for violin, cello, and piano Trumpet concerto Viola concerto Violin concerto.

Bach’s Italian concerto BWV is in this transcription style, though it was written as an original piece for harpsichord.

The D major sonority is contrasted with blocks of material set of contrasting, more complex, sonority.

This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat The duple, dance rhythm carries right through, but there are various kinds of sonorities making brief appearances, including sliding sounds in the strings, and chromatically descending sequences in the solo part.

Nocturne for Orchestra; Concerto for Harpsichord. The harpsichord is accompanied by a small string orchestra; if the solo part is played on piano, the strings torecki expanded to compensate. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

Each new phrase is signaled by a rising flourish on the keyboard, and the melody and the obbligato patterns feature much repetition. A final resolution on the tonic triad closes the piece, with one fleeting reference to the first movement to set up the final cadence.

Eastern European Piano Music.

Henryk Mikolaj Górecki

Share on facebook twitter tumblr. List of compositions for keyboard and orchestra. Streams Videos All Posts. With the harpsichord revival in the 20th centuryharpsichordists commissioned new pieces for the new ‘revival’ instrument: Micolaj Gorecki, Henryk Micolaj Gorecki: The music stays in the Aeolian mode minor until a contrasting middle section breaks in.


Sometimes these works are played on the modern piano see piano concerto. Bach Corelli Graupner Haydn Mozart.

For a period in the late 18th century, Joseph Haydn and Thomas Arne wrote concertos that could be played interchangeably on harpsichord, fortepiano gorwcki, and in some cases pipe organ. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. After pushing one end of the envelope with three slow movements in his Symphony No. In the first movement the harpsichord, after rapid scales up and down the length of its range, embarks on a solo cadenza which lasts for 3—4 minutes, while the orchestra is silent.

Harpsichord concerto – Wikipedia

Sexy Trippy Gorecko Moods. The harpsichord was a common instrument, but never as popular as string or wind instruments in the concerto role, probably due to its relative lack of volume in an orchestral setting. At that point, the keyboard figuration shifts to a more chromatic pattern, creating oppositional tension with the strings, which shift to harmonized thirds, though remaining rooted in the minor mode.

Bach ‘s Brandenburg Concerto No. Antoni Wit Conducts Henryk Gorecki.

Views Read Edit View history. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. The two forces eventually come together, the harpsichord playing off against ostinatos and other kinds of material in the strings.