Cross-Cultural Themes Series. Author, Peter T. Furst. Edition, illustrated, reprint. Publisher, Chandler & Sharp, ISBN, , Hallucinogens and Culture has 34 ratings and 1 review. Blair said: A guy who works at Loui’s gave me this book when he saw I was reading Terence McKenna . HALLUCINOGENS AND CULTURE by PETER T. FURST. San. Francisco: Chandler & Sharp Publishers, Inc., pp. $ Reviewed by William.

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Full text of “Furst Hallucinogens And Culture ( Chandler& Sharp, )”

No less than seven of the eight species represented by pollen grains in the burial have now been identified by the noted French palynologist A. More than 10, Huichols and many other Mexican Indians continue to deem peyote sacred and charged with great therapeutic powers for body and mind. Known as teotlacualli, food of god or divine food, it included “poisonous beasts, such as spiders, scorpions, centipedes, lizards, vipers, and others,” which were caught for the priests by young boys and kept by them in large numbers in the priestly school: French medical scientists studied ibogaine— now known to function as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor in the brain— intensively around the turn of the century and adopted it into official medicine as the first antidepressant of its kind, long before the advent of Tofranil, iproniazide, and similar drugs.

There are many historical reasons for this difference, but one that should be stressed is that prior to European colonization the New World as a whole never knew the intolerant fanaticism that is the hallmark of some of the major Old Hallucingens religions, particularly Christianity and Islam, both of which massively transformed the areas in which they took hold— although, as we know, four centuries of Spanish Catholicism have failed to eradicate completely all traces of the pre-European past, and were spectacularly unsuccessful in the suppression of the sacred traditional hallucinogens.

As the yaje effects increase so does the precision with which the dancers gallucinogens their movements, until at last they seem to be dancing as one body. Nor was it different in South America. Indeed, we can go so far as to say that the psychotropic plants have helped determine the history of the culture, inasmuch as it is typically in the ecstatic initiatory trance experience that the individual confirms for himself the validity of tribal traditions he has heard his elders recite from earliest childhood: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Halluinogens these had been burned, the ashes were placed within certain mortars, together with a great deal of tobacco; halluxinogens herb is used by the Indians to relieve the body so as to calm the pains of toil. Inasmuch as the gods crave tobacco as their essential spirit food usually though not always or everywhere in the form of smokeby this act of generosity they could be said to have placed themselves in a position of dependency, subject to manipulation by religious practitioners.

Solecki, who excavated the 60,year-old Shanidar cave burials, the presence of so many plants of proven medicinal value in one of the graves at least raises “speculation about the extent of the human spirit in Neanderthals” Solecki, In turn, each of these became a yaje vine, which the Tukano equate with lines of descent of their different phratries.

Moreover, the active principles of Cannabis are perfectly capable of psychedelic effect, and have been so used through history, especially in Asia, probably long before hemp fiber began to assume economic importance.

I must cluture about flying reindeer.

Hallucinogens and Culture by Peter T. Furst

In particular I would like to express my thanks to Dr. Quite so, replied La Barre. In the first decades of the sixteenth century, the Spanish conquerors of Clture found the Indians there in possession of a considerable psychoactive pharmacopoeia that included several kinds of sacred mushrooms, peyote, Datura a genus that may not have been unfamiliar to the invaders since it also played a role in medieval European medicine and witchcraftan especially potent species of tobacco called picietl, and a variety of other native plants with strangely “otherworldly” fyrst whose chemistry has only recently been clarified.


Descent also forms the basis for the criteria by which different parts of the plant are chosen for the preparation of the hallucinogenic drink Reichel-Dolmatoff, In the intervening years, during which the epithet indica has been used, there has usually been the inference that it is a more strongly intoxicating form of Cannabis.

Book by Furst, Peter T. There seems to be no scientific reason to doubt, and more than enough evidence to suggest including observations among and testimony by South American Indians that tobacco is not just psychologically habituating, as some have maintained, but that it does in fact result in physical dependency— i.

The shaman to whom tobacco is said to belong is not only the actual shaman of a particular group but also the principal deity, the “First Shaman,” Our Grandfather, the deified fire, who established tobacco as well as the peyote ritual, and to whom N.

In high doses cytisine is capable of causing nausea, convulsions, hallucinations, and even death from respiratory failure Schultes, a. As the following pages make clear, in the preindustrial or tribal world, psychotropic plants are sacred and magical; they are perceived as living cupture with supernatural attributes, providing for certain chosen individuals such as shamans, and under certain special circumstances for ordinary people as well, a kind of bridge across the gulf that separates this world from Otherworlds.

Pieces of the stems of the type material of B. Trivia About Hallucinogens and The smoke symbolizes the travel of the soul to the roof of the Bwiti chapel, where it mingles with the ancestors. To ask other readers questions about Hallucinogens and Cultureplease sign up.

Hallucinogens and Culture (Chandler & Sharp series in cross-cultural themes)

Originally a number of Banisteriopsis alkaloids were hallucinnogens under such names as telepathine, yageine, and banisterine, but all these were eventually identified as harmine, which is contained, along with harmaline and d-tetrahydroharmine, in the bark, stems, and leaves of B. One Fray Ramon Pane was commissioned by Christopher Columbus, on his second voyage into observe and set down the ceremonies and “antiquities” of the Arawakan-speaking Taino Indians on the island of Hispaniola, whom even the Spaniards recognized as a notably gentle people with an advanced culture which, however, was soon to decline disastrously in response to European cruelties and previously unknown diseases.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. They are the result of amination of the essential oils of nutmeg. Schultes and La Barre were hardly strangers to the problem, or to each other.

ffurst Chemical systems active in the human brain, then, are now known to be close kin to growth-promoting substances in plants, including several that are powerfully psychoactive, a discovery of no mean evolutionary as well as pharmacological implications. Professor Schultes also read the manuscript for botanical-pharmacological accuracy, but he is obviously not responsible for any shortcomings.

Cannabis actually had a wide variety of medical uses in the United States between and ; it was listed as a recognized medicinal drug in the United States Pharmacopoeia until and is still so included in its British counterpart.

Although other alkaloids may contribute to the psychedelic aspects of Nicotiana intoxication, the most important active principle is nicotine, a pyridine alkaloid that occurs in the aboriginal species in much higher concentrations up to four times than hallucinogebs modern cigarette tobacco. Yet another is hemp Cannabis sp.


Even many relatively acculturated Indians who participate to one or another degree in the national economy still make a distinction between white man’s tobacco and their own. May 23, Blair rated it it was amazing Shelves: Both must observe strict rules about handling of their tools and other objects; for example, tools may be passed only between thumb and index finger and in no other manner.

Coe was able to identify a curious object held by a jaguar deity on another painted Maya vessel as an enema syringe. Largely because of public or haolucinogens hysteria over recreational marihuana use, medical demand hallucnogens Cannabis extracts aand until recently very low, but beginning in there has been a sharp upturn in experimental use of Cannabis as medication for a variety of disorders, including alcoholism, heroin and amphetamine dependence, emotional disturbance, and even glaucoma.

If similar processes occur naturally in the human body it would help to explain the subjective effects of nutmeg. To everyone’s astonishment, they were found to contain— after years!

The relationship is that of compline to a blast of the Beatles and their sad imitators. Besides, this is an ongoing story: Arab physicians set down its numerous therapeutic applications as early as the seventh century, but in Europe it is nowhere hallucjnogens in literature until the twelfth century, and its source, the Banda Nutmeg Islands in the East Indies, was to remain unknown until the Halluconogens reached them hallucniogens But we can hardly ignore it in the present context, not so much because as used by us today it is potentially one of the most physiologically damaging substances known, but rather because in much of the traditional Indian world tobacco was and still is considered to be the special gift of the gods to humanity, given to assist mankind in bridging the gulf between “this” world and ajd other”— the world of the gods themselves.

Ibogaine is derived from an equatorial African bush, Tabernanthe iboga, whose hallucinogenic roots are employed in the Bwiti ancestor cult, the MBieri curing cult, and other nativistic religious movements in tropical sub-Saharan West Africa. The rubber enema syringe is actually a South American Indian invention, but other suitable materials were also employed for the bulb.

All across the continent, from the small-scale societies of tropical-forest manioc planters and hunters and collectors of wild foods to the complex civilization of the Incas in the Andes, the early explorers and missionaries found the drug-induced ecstatic trance— what we now call transformation of consciousness— to be an integral aspect of shamanistic religion.

And, much as we think we already know, in truth we have made barely a beginning cupture these cultural areas, just as we are only just coming to grips with the culturee that even in our waking hours our minds are constantly flipping back and forth between discrete, or alternate but nonetheless complementaryinward- and outward-directed states, and that this phenomenon bears directly on the use and effects of psychedelics.

We will have occasion to refer to cutlure particular Aztec phenomenon again in another chapter. The ashes are anx with water, a ritual act believed to bring rain. Schultes has long been the recognized authority on New World hallucinogens, and La Barre is a leading scholar in the anthropology and psychology of religion, author, among other works, of The Peyote Cult,a classic study of the peyote religion of North American Indians.