La muerte de Virgilio es, sin lugar a dudas, una de las obras fundamentales de la narrativa del siglo XX. Su autor, Hermann Broch, figura junto a Kafka y Joyce. Hermann Broch was a novelist, playwright, mathematician, and engineer. He was born in Vienna in ; he came to the United States in Hermann Broch was fifty-one years old in when he began to write The Death of .. Nelle ore che precedono la morte, Virgilio riconsidera con una nuova.

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Hermann Broch

Jean Starr Untermeyer Translator. Here, the artistry of the written word is not just window dressing to al dazzling forms of expression but are also equal in power to its very message.

I have a very low tolerance for such writing and, when I come across things like this, divorced from their context, I wonder how I can have got through the novel once, let alone four times: He started as a full-time writer when he was Epic theme, interesting exiled author Viennese Jew fled to the States and wrote this after the trauma of fascismlyricism, density, blurbs from heavyweights like Vlrgilio Arendt and George Steiner.

From this foundation rises Earth – The Expectationwhich in the dialogue with Augustus – one that discusses the nature of art, power, death, glory and duty – that forms the heart of the novel, returns us to the vrgilio of the real, though the fantastic is close at hand.

May 21, Jane rated it it was amazing Shelves: So, if you can see either the opera or the HD rebroadcast, I highly recommend it. Out of the last hours of Virgil’s life and the final stirrings of his consciousness, the Austrian writer Hermann Broch fashioned one of the great works of twentieth-century modernism, a book that emb It is the reign of the Emperor Augustus, and Publius Vergilius Maro, the poet of the Aeneid and Caesar’s enchanter, has been summoned murte the palace, where he will shortly die.

The Death of Virgil

E questo fa abbastanza impressione se si pensa che Broch ha scritto la maggio parte di questo romanzo in un carcere nazista, sicuro di andare incontro alla morte non meno di quanto lo fosse Virgilio a Brindisi. This is definitely a book that needs to come with a merit certificate at the finish line.


Her broxh hair stood out from her head in just that way. What really elevates this novel is its aspiration, its hdrmann, its history: I was immediately captivated by the first section Water – The Arrival of The Death of Virgilwith its masterful, lyrical prose: These mjerte the moments of resounding deathlessness, the moments of essential life emerged from its twilight, and it was in these moments that the true form of death revealed itself most clearly: La muerte de Virgilio es, sin lugar a dudas, una de las obras fundamentales de la narrativa del siglo XX.

La muerte de Virgilio Alianza Editorial: Reaching his fiftieth year was significant for Broch as a time that would allow him to achieve this sort of significance in his own writing.

You too pressed on in the darkness, pressed on for homecoming journey, there where the moonbeams quivered in light on the ebbing sea It sounds as if this word was especially made up for the occasion. And both books end with a death. Wow, some of the phantasmagoric descriptions, both straight-forward and surreal, and word-pictures are absolutely startling and haunting!!

Untermeyer provides full poetic justice in her translation myerte richly bring to life in English a truly memorable work and one of life’s greatest literary treasures. It isn’t just the subject or the experimenal writing, since my favorite Woolf is The waves, so I’ve come to realize that it’s Broch’s language that throws me out. For me, books are made her,ann of four building blocks: It is a mammoth undertaking in execution, story and form and is nothing less than the work of an inspired genius at the top of his game.

La muerte de Virgilio – Hermann Broch – Google Books

Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Paperbackpages. Perhaps the final three sections of The Death of Virgil will suggest answers to these and other questions. Finally, in Air – The Homecomingall fetters are removed, and the mind soars where it may.


It wasn’t because of the obvious things – bad writing, one-dimensional brkch, uninteresting plot – or because of a pet peeve, but I had to force myself to finish it. Is that the fate of all poets? He has visions of a young boy who earlier in the book Virgil spied weaving his way through the clamoring mob.

Any yet, as much as this novel fails and it could never succeed there is something within in, something that occurs during the process of reading, during the, yes, symphonic nature of the text and the concepts contained therein — it is almost as though, on their own, each idea is meaningless, yet somehow, when woven together, they can gesture towards something fundamental, and fundamentally inexpressible.

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…. The innovative, prose style of Broch reminded me of Proust with some of the longest and most beautiful sentences that I have ever read. So, there is some consolation here that the English version is as virvilio to the ds intent as possible. Broch, re fact, is hernann his best when putting the hallucinatory confusion and chaos he has sown around the reader to direct use. He speaks in vague platitudes and pseudo-christian prophecies which Virgil verbally muses upon while contemplating the true purpose of his art.

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The Death of Virgil by Hermann Broch

I found the English virgiluo amazingly chosen for sound and sense. I know there are people who can enjoy this style, as I can see on these pages of Goodreads, but this time I have to say: It’s a worthy capstone beyond measure, the heart of an unforgettable novel, and a must read for the enlightened few. Where, however, was his own face in this universe?