Oct 25, hg clone mercurial-repo real URL is hg/ cd project/ $ hg init # A basic tutorial. Feb 24, Joel Spolsky has put together an extensive Mercurial tutorial with lots of examples and a humorous approach. “Finally, if you haven’t collapsed. Feb 24, If this is advertising, I want more of it. As an SVN curmudgeon, the first part of this tutorial finally persuaded me that I really, really need to give.

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I still feel less nervous about putting potentially long-lived projects into git, but maybe I have nothing to worry about with hg. Originally subversion couldn’t do this, but it has had merge tracking since version 1.

Quick Start

Though it might be quicker to do that from the Commit task tab in the Workbench. It used to be only for experts in arcana, but today it is much more user friendly. This also will make it hard for you to audit what people have done. I am not interested in Git advocacy.

I could “hg revert” the thing back into the present, restoring it from extinction, if only it’d be willing to sign an exclusive marketing contract for Kiln. IMHO tutoroal many people trash-talk Git for Windows without even knowing properly what they are talking about.

Hg Init: a Mercurial tutorial by Joel Spolsky | Hacker News

Posted Feb 25, 1: So if you have a small project or a fast computer, you should definitely have a look at Darcs in addition to Mercurial and Git. Oh the branching and merging can be big problems for some of us: I’m not saying that intelligence gets you out of hard work, I’m saying that it shouldn’t necessarily get you into it – and from where I’m sitting, git requires both where it should only require one.


In this tool you can add and commit an untracked file by just checking the file and pressing Commit. There are a lot of mechanics involved with branching it right initially, making sure that branch is properly tracking Trunk you have to constantly merge from Trunk down into the branch to hedge the bets on eventually merging that branch back into Trunk.

May much Google juice flow his way. Why do you say that? Posted Mar 4, I was pleasantly surprised with it.

4. A Quick Start Guide to TortoiseHg — TortoiseHg documentation

I find the mrrcurial of characters and the paragraph descriptions of them mecurial little strange. Imagine the simplest case of a centralized SVN-like workflow. Seriously, did you even try Google? First of all, it’s better than someone pushing SVN. The ability to turn a show-stopping ordeal into a routine task can be utterly transformative to the development process. Not all software projects are as complex as the Linux kernel, not all developers need the complexity of git.

Fetching from the group repository 4. By the way, if you need mandatory locking and good handling of binary files, you might also check out Perforce. Luyt on Feb 24, Did someone also notice Kiln has a Dodo inut logo?


On the other hand, I can tell you we have almost 10x more downloads than we have svn commits. We were looking for a good mascot for Kiln, but unfortunately, all of the animals that we consulted were already in exclusive contracts with other products except for Strigiphilus garylarsoni and the inverted flame-weasel, neither of iit we felt represented our product well.

But I would occasionally have merging issues with hg that were just too annoying lost or missing file changes, for example that I haven’t had with git. And what does it mean ng something to be “too powerful”? There are many big dev. Later team B merges their changes to main as well.

I know it’s doable with mq, but you have to know to mq everything before the fact rather than after. Use with other VCS systems These can be intermediate results from builds f. Regularfry suggests that we shouldn’t need hard work to use a version control system. In other words, I had unintentionally made a time machine out of Mercurial.

I can’t really comment on that since I’ve never used SVN.