UDC Controller Manual. Download Link: PDF icon Product Mfg: Honeywell Field Instruments. Figure 1—UDC Controller has a sealed faceplate suitable for hosedown Honeywell’s Windows™-based. LeaderLine PC . Manual mode, failsafe output. View and Download Honeywell UDC product manual online. Universal Digital Controller. UDC Controller pdf manual download.

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Copyright, Notices, and Trademarks Printed in U.

Symbol Definitions The following table lists those symbols used mahual this document to denote certain conditions. Tables Table Function of Keys Table Error Messages Table Procedure for Identifying the Software Version Section 1 — Overview 1.

Function of keys Table shows each key on the operator interface and defines its function. Table Function of Section 2 — Installation manusl. Pre-installation If the controller has not been removed from its shipping carton, inspect information the carton for damage and remove The Optional Isolated Digital Write the model number into the Mounting method Before mounting the controller, refer to the nameplate on the inside of the case and make a note Permissible wire Table shows which wire functions should be bundled together.

Wiring the controller Using the information contained in the model number, select the appropriate wiring diagrams from the figures listed Position proportional Figure shows the Output and Alarm wiring connections for models output honeywel, with Position Proportional Output or Communications option There are two types of Communications option available: Section 3 — Configuration 3.

These tips will help Function prompts Table lists the function prompts in the Accutune Set Up group.

Honeywell UDC3300 User Manual

Table Accutune Group Function Prompts Refer to Section 7 — Calibration Section 4 — Configuration Prompt Definitions 4. Section 5 — Operation honeywelll. Check the displays and Use the procedure in Table to run the display and key test.

Annunciators The following annunciator functions have been provided: A visual indication of each alarm ALM 1 2 Blinking 1 indicates Diagnostic error The UDC performs background tests to verify data and memory messages integrity.

If there is a malfunction, Table Procedure for Starting Up the Controller What happens when Table explains what happens to the controller when you switch honwywell you change modes one mode Selecting manual or An alternate action switch places the controller in the Automatic or automatic mode Manual mode of operation Position proportional This feature provides for Position Proportional models to automatically backup mode change to a Three Position Step algorithm Changing local setpoint Use the procedure in Table to change any of the local setpoint 1, 2, or Enabling or disabling Use the procedure in Table to enable the remote setpoint source.


Running the setpoint Running a Setpoint Homeywell includes starting, holding, viewing the ramp ramp time, ending the ramp, and disabling The alarm relay is Functional overview Figure is a block diagram of a Manuak 1 of a single loop controller and Loop Internal cascade Figure is a block diagram of internal Cascade for a 2-loop controller.

Figure Functional Overview Block Two-loop restrictions Table gives two-loop functionality and restrictions for controllers with two current outputs including Auxiliary output and two Select tuning The procedure in Table shows you how select the Tuning parameters for each Manjal.

Two 8- selections characterization can made in Section Alarm on totalizer The alarm type configuration includes an Alarm on Totalizer value. This value allows manuao alarm honewell value Keyboard operation Front panel keys have no effect on the digital input action in the closed state.

Rules Table is a list of rules for Accutune. Retuning The controller will evaluate current tuning as SP changes occur. When retuning is required, the controller operates in automatic Error prompt Table lists the Accutune error prompts and their manuwl. Diagram Figure is a diagram illustrating the application of the UDC for carbon potential control. Ramp unit This determines the engineering units for the ramp segments.

SP programming tips Table gives procedures for restarting, advancing, and changing the current segment time or setpoint of a Section 7 — Input Calibration 7. Step Action 1 Find the minimum and Equipment needed Table lists the equipment you will need to calibrate the specific types of inputs that are listed Thermocouple inputs Referring to Figurewire the controller according to the procedure using a precision given in Table RTD inputs Use the copper leads and connect the calibrator to the rear terminals of Input 1 or 2.


Radiamatic, millivolts, Use the copper leads and connect the calibrator to the rear terminals of or volts except 0 to Section 8 — Output Calibration 8. Procedure The procedure for calibrating the Position Proportional output and 3 Position Step control output honewell listed in Table Step Description Press Action or to select automatic or manual calibration.

Step Description Press Action or until the desired span value is reached in the upper display.


Procedure The procedure for calibrating the Auxiliary Output is listed in Table Yoneywell related Read the Installation section in this manual to make sure the UDC problems has been properly installed Controller failure Other failures may occur that deal with the Power, Output, or Alarms.

Status Tests Table lists the Status tests, the reason for their failure, and how to correct the failure. Procedure 2 Table explains how to troubleshoot Current Proportional Output failure symptoms. Procedure 3 Table explains how to troubleshoot Position Proportional Output failure symptoms. Procedure 4 Table explains how to troubleshoot Time Proportional Output failure.

Procedure 6 Table explains how to troubleshoot Alarm Relay Output failure. Procedure 7 Table explains how to manuql a Keyboard failure. Procedure 8 Table explains how to troubleshoot a Communications failure. How to remove the Refer to Figure for steps and follow the procedure listed in Table chassis How to replace the Refer to Figure and follow the procedure listed in Table How to remove the To remove the printed wiring boards from the chassis, refer to Figure printed wiring boards Printed wiring board Figure identifies each of the printed wiring boards that can be identification replaced.

Section 10 — Parts List Parts identification Table lists mwnual part numbers for the key numbers shown in the exploded view.

Section 11 — Appendix A — Manual Tuning Tune the controller with the output above D Printed in USA www. Page of Go. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard.