In late President Ronald Reagan became embroiled in in what became known as the Irangate Scandal. It was discovered that the Reagan administration . New revelations published on 25th anniversary of Iran-Contra affair say Israel played secondary part in the scandal which rocked DC in This scandal illustrates a different but equally dangerous type of Presidential fiasco we have to learn to guard against. Mr. Nixon compulsively.

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He told Reagan that Iran had approached the United States about purchasing weapons for its war against neighboring Iraq.

Martins Press, pp. Attorney General Edwin Meese admitted on 25 November that profits from weapons sales to Iran were made available to assist the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Retrieved 14 January On Christmas EvePresident Bush issued presidential pardons to all indicted in the scandal. Nonetheless, while spending for domestic programs fell, military spending continued….

Bush, were criminally liable in the case.

While the motives were…. United States Information Agency.

Read More on This Topic. Air Force officer turned arms dealer Richard Secord that supplied arms to the Contras.

Iran–Contra affair

You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Dynamic political evolution is taking place inside Iran. Retrieved 6 June Retrieved 29 December — via GlobalSecurity. Walsh, was assigned to investigate the deals involving the arms sale and the Contra scanfal. Shultz, Hill and Platt.


This and several subsequent weapon sales to Iran in directly contradicted the U. All of these activities continued to take place within the framework of the president’s broad authorization. Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh investigated the affair for the next eight years. The Lebanese magazine Ash-Shiraa published a series of articles in Novemberthat exposed the weapons-for-hostages deal.

S should encourage Western allies and friends to help Iran meet its import requirements so as to reduce the attractiveness of Soviet assistance The affair was investigated by the U.

The Iran-Contra Affair | American Experience | Official Site | PBS

While the President was recovering in the hospital, McFarlane met with him and told him that representatives from Israel had contacted the National Security Agency to pass on confidential information from what Reagan later described as the “moderate” Iranian faction headed by Rafsanjani opposed to the Ayatollah’s hardline anti-American policies.

The press hounded the president: Retrieved 28 April A group of senior Reagan administration officials in the Senior Interdepartmental Group conducted a secret study on 21 Julyand concluded that the arms embargo was ineffective because Iran could always buy arms and spare parts for its American weapons elsewhere, while at the same time the arms embargo opened the door for Iran to fall into the Soviet sphere of influence as the Kremlin could sell Iran weapons if the United States would not.

American Civil War, four-year war —65 between the United States and 11 Southern states that seceded…. Illegal trading The transactions that took place in the Iran-Contra scandal were contrary to the legislation of the Democratic-dominated Congress and contrary to official Reagan administration policy. In an investigation by the Reagan-appointed Tower Commission, it was determined that, as president, Reagan’s disengagement from the management of his White House had created conditions which made possible the diversion of funds to the Contras.


Prehistory Pre-Columbian Colonial — — — — — — — — — —present. Retrieved 15 November From fantasy to fiasco.

Iran-Contra Affair

He was found guilty on four of the charges and sentenced to two years in prison, although his convictions were later vacated. Eugene Hasenfus is captured by troops of igangate Sandinista regime in Nicaragua after the plane in which he is flying is shot down; two others on the plane die in the crash.

How “Iran” and “Contra” came to be said in the same breath was the result of complicated covert activities, all carried out, the players said, in the name of democracy. Although laws had been broken, and Reagan’s image suffered as a result of Iran-Contra, his popularity rebounded.