Philosopher Jawdat Said, little known in the West, has been propagating a vision of Islam free of violence for the past 40 years. His books have. In Brief. Jawdat Said is an influential cleric and an advocate of non-violence. He has had a great influence over demonstrators in many areas. Jawdat Said is a prominent contemporary Islamic scholar noted for his theory of nonviolence. Born in Syria’s Golan Heights, Said was educated at al-Azhar.

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Comments submitted by readers using fantasy names or intentionally false names will not be published. Said does not support the Free Syria Army, the loosely organized sakd of rebel soldiers and civilians.

Muhammad Iqbal ; Malek Bennabi. Please help by adding reliable sources. A profile by Bashar Humeid Facebook. They are lacking in vision. Want to Understand Islam? Leave this field blank.

Jawdat Said – Wikipedia

Said influenced the “peace wing,” says Azm. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some believe that Said’s experience in Egypt, recognizing that what has been between the Authority and the Muslim Brotherhood there is expected to be repeated in Syria.

Egypt acquits 43 NGO workers on illegal funding charges. The passage he nawdat most often is Sure 2, versesin which the angels protest God’s decision to put a successor on earth.

Said sees this approach as grounded in the Koran. They see the problems in their societies as the result more ajwdat unfortunate internal developments than of colonial intervention. A change done by God and a change by people. Even then, Said warned against the negative effects of the violence being carried out by the Islamic movement in Egypt, and wrote his book as a direct response to the writings of Sayyid Qutb, who died in and is considered the father of militant Islam.


Said thus concludes that this is a part of the divine revelation: November Learn how and when to remove ajwdat template message.

Philosopher Jawdat Said, little known in the West, has been propagating a vision of Islam free of violence for the past 40 years. Newest Most Read Most Comments.

Jawdat Said

You can help by adding to it. Despite repeated arrests and the issuance of decisions to move him to schools in various regions across Syria, he did not leave the field of teaching until a decision was made to discharge him from his work in the late s.

Said sees this is a clear indication that the practice of violence is incompatible with the core faith of the Koran. Said was very influential on a new a generation of Syrian non-violence activists including Daraya Youth and Dr Mouhammad Alammar. Other intellectuals of the Islamic world also turned sair Qutb at the time, including for example Hasan al-Hudaybi, the leader of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

Preaching Nonviolence, Syrian Activist Heads Home

jawda Now in its fifth edition, the book is still available today. It was written by Jawdat Said, born in Syria inwho moved to Egypt at a young age to study the Arabic language at Azhar University. Said points jawdqt that the various different interpretations of the text of the Koran presented a challenge even for the early followers of the Prophet Mohammad. Supporting his view with approaches from the Islamic tradition, Said thus paves the way for a new interpretation of the Koran that no longer emphasizes the analysis of the sacred texts but rather places human experience in the forefront.


A scholar and an activist, shown here speaking at American University in Washington in March, jawdzt is heading back to Syria this week and plans to resume his call for peaceful opposition to the government.

Jawdat Said « KARAMAH

A profile by Bashar Humeid. In addition, Said refers to the stories of the various different prophets in the Koran and points out that the only charges they were accused of was their belief in the one God of creation. Mankind, Said concludes, should and can use its God-given ability to reason to achieve peace on earth.

Said left Cairo for Saudi Arabiawhere he lived almost a year, during which the United Arab Republic by the union between Syria and Egypt came into existence. A profile by Bashar Humeid. Join Our Maillist Subscribe.

Jihad at the phase of building the state or good governance should use nonviolent jihad. The path of centrist political Islam.