Misc. Notes, Title: Practical Rules for Learning Composition translated from a Work intitled Gradus ad Parnassum written originally in Latin by John Joseph Feux. The Study of Counterpoint has ratings and 36 reviews. Joel said: Now how you gonna go and front on my boy Fux? Even if you’re not a musician — like. from Johann Joseph Fux’s. The most celebrated book on counterpoint is Fux’s great theo- retical work Gradus ad Parnassum. Since its appearance in

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London, Macmillan Publishers Ltd. For its distinction as a classic and its undiminished usefulness for the modern student it is a privilege to offer this fine translation in the Norton Library. All in all a very useful book. By studying the relationship between consonance and dissonance in both horizontal and vertical directions, you will grow as a composer in your understanding of the basic units of western music.

Retrieved from ” https: The Baroque age in music in Austria ends with him.

The Study of Counterpoint by Johann Joseph Fux

Contemporary composers still use it today both as a way to learn and a tool for teaching their students. Johann Joseph Fux was born to a peasant family in Hirtenfeld in Styria. Some valuable information and insight.

Once all the species are mastered in two voices, the species are gone through again in three voices, and then in four voices. The second part, on Musica Pratica, is the section of this treatise where the author presents his instruction on counterpointfuguedouble counterpoint, a brief essay on musical taste, and his ideas on composing sacred musicwriting in the a cappella and in the recitativo style. I have worked through several exercises, sharpening both my counterpoint and German language skills.


Fux’s need to preach takes away from his perfectly legitimate argument: Since its appearance init has been used by and has directly influenced the work of many of the greatest composers. InGirolamo Dirutaa composer of the Venetian schoolpublished Il Transilvanowhich presented the Renaissance polyphonic style as a series of types: It is divided in two fix parts.

A s Now how you gonna go and front on my boy Fux?

Published June 17th by W. Gradus Ad Parnassum is a study of how lines of notes relate to one another, i. I believe JJ Fux’s treatise on counterpoint is essential to any pupil wishing to learn the craft of tonal composition.

Books by Johann Joseph Fux.

Fractals and all that. Mozart had a copy of it that he annotated. He is most famous as the author of Gradus ad Parnassuma treatise on counterpointwhich has become the single most influential book on the Palestrinian style of Renaissance polyphony. You’ll either find the style charming or off-putting. In Girolamo Diruta, a composer of the Venetian school, published Il Transilvanowhich presented the Renaissance polyphonic style as a series of types: It’s more important to learn the principles than to endeavor to become a Bach overnight in contrapuntal writing.

Reading it as a modern reader is a bit strange. Oct 04, Daniel Lopez rated it it was amazing. It’s a short book and I’m going to read it again in the future. Fux is incredibly self-righteous in his nagging soliloquy about “the rise of three dimensional thought” all to be found in his cumbersome introduction and foreward.


You won’t regret it! Excellent, step-by-step book on learning how to write counterpoint. Retrieved November 15, He gave the book as a gift to harpsichordist Ralph Kirkpatrick in The essence of the most celebrated book on counterpoint, Fux’s Gradus ad Parnassum.

This helps to johann the book. Moeck Verlag inthis clothbound copy is inscribed by counterpint translator, Alfred Mann. Although his music until recently never regained favor, his mastery of counterpoint influenced countless composers through his treatise Gradus ad Parnassum The conversation approach makes it more than just another plain study book.

The Study of Counterpoint: Paperbackpages.

The Study of Counterpoint

In addition Fux wrote Masses incl. Fux expressed the intention of adding sections on how to write counterpoint for more than four parts, indicating that rules in this area were to be “less rigorously observed”. Festschrift Friedrich Blume zum It is just a little bit intermediate for someone just starting out, but the exercises are invaluable.

Loved the dialog between teacher and pupil. Fux’s mastery of counterpoint influenced countless composers through his treatise Gradus ad Parnassum Fux’s work repeated some of Diruta’s, possibly coincidentally, since he is not known to have had a jkhann The humble student does get annoying after a while, but he and his teacher really teach you the steps to Parnassus.