Karlsruhe Chart of the Nuclides. Nuclear Data in Nucleonica. Zsolt Sóti. Institute of Transuranium Elements – Karlsruhe. Joint Research Centre. Buy Karlsruher Nuclide charts online. Availableal in different Types, like roll or fold chart. Buy now!. The JRC, together with Nucleonica GmbH, has released a new edition of the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart, an extended periodic table which.

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A table of nuclides or nuclixes of nuclides is a two-dimensional graph in which one axis represents the number of neutrons and the other represents the number of protons in an atomic nucleus. In the following decades, the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart was published and revised several times. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The column mod gives to total number of modified nuclides includes new nuclides in each edition. It has been used in training programmes worldwide and is a valuable and welcome addition to the many books on nuclear science ot school physics textbooks.

Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart – Wikipedia

Go to the Nucleonica portal www. If the links are appropriate you may request whitelisting by following these instructions ; otherwise consider removing or replacing them with more appropriate links.

Order now from our online shop. The Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart is primarily published as a fold-out chart size A4 or as a wall chart size 0. Also shown in the KNC column is the total number of elements and the total number of fission products included in each edition. Our mission is to maintain, develop and update the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart with concise, up to date information on all experimentally observed nuclides. Activation processes and nuclear reactions on the nuclide chart: Download the Flyersee video.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Support Training Courses Nucleonica Support.

Personal tools Log in. Currently, the 9th edition is under development. The Fold-out Chart A4. The other icons are links to supporting applications.

Just click on this. Views Read Edit View history. For twelve elements, a range of atomic weights is given to reflect the isotopic variability in natural materials. It is of interest to note how the total number of nuclides ground and metastable states has increased since the 7th Edition By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use th Privacy Policy. In the Statistics drop-down menu, basic information is given on the total number of ground states and isomers etc.

See a giant version of this at the Technical University of Munich.

On pressing the Return key, a full search of the Nucleonia wiki is made for this character string. This page was last edited on 26 Februaryat List of nuclidesTable of nuclides segmented, wide segmented, narrow combined.

An even larger “Carpet” version x cm is available mainly for exhibition purposes. Various versions of the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart We thank also Drs.

A chart of nuclides. For example, with the edition 9 selected and the check box ticked, the differences between the 9th and 8th editions are shown highlighted in colour in the main window. Tagged pages containing blacklisted links. It has been used in training programmes worldwide and is a valuable nuclies welcome addition to the many fo on nuclear science including school physics textbooks.

With these icons, the user can zoom in nhclides zoom out of a region in the chart.

Personal tools Log in. Views Page Discussion View source History. In the search box, typing in a chemical symbol, e. The Roll Map xcm. An important characteristic of the Chart is its great didactic value in education and training in the nuclear sciences. Retrieved chary ” https: To hide this tag, set the “invisible” field to “true” List of blacklisted links: Retrieved from ” https: The previous 7th nuclidess 8th editions can also be selected.

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For twelve elements, a range of atomic weights is given to reflect the isotopic variability in natural materials. By columnar subdivision of such a field, in addition to ground states also nuclear isomers can be shown.

Nuclide chart

This start page shows an “App” type interface with in total 12 icons. Radiochemical isotope courses were held at the institute, and in the context of these teaching courses the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart arose, which was intended to be a well-structured overview oarlsruhe the essential properties of the nuclides already known at that time.

Finally a new web-based version of the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart is in the final stages of development for use within the Nucleonica nuclear sciene portal. A chart or table of nuclides is a simple map to the nuclear, or radioactive, behaviour of nuclides, as it distinguishes the isotopes of an element. Features of the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart Online.

The Wallchart, 95 cm x cm. Wang Chinese translationM. Homepage of the Karlsruhe Nuclide Chart in the Nucleonica wiki, with subpages.