The Kedara Gowri Nombu is a days fasting period during which vows ( Viradam/Vratham) are taken to propitiate Lord Shiva in his form of Kedareshwara . Kedara Gowri Vratham, Kedareeswarar nombu story in english. Kethara Gowri vrat – english version – how to perform the pooja and the. Kedhara Gowri vradham familiarly known as Deepavali (Diwali) is celebrated throughout India in a grand manner. Without Caste creed, rich – poor differences .

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Even though most Tamilians in Mauritius celebrate Deepavali grandly, there are quite a lot who also observe on the day of Deepavali, precisely the Amavasyai day of Deepavali, the famous Nombu or Kedara Gowri Nombu.

This is one of the performed by devotees of Shiva irrespective of their caste, creed or social status. In Puranas, it is noted that the Lord Vishnu became the Lord of Vaikuntha after performing this ritual. Newer Post Older Post Home. Kedara Gowri Vratha is celebrated on Ashweeja amavasya. Shlokas Click here to see varities of shlokas with there meanings. Through fasting, taking vows and spiritual practices, we allow this balance to occur.

Worship is done daily to this Kalasham along with the offering of Naivedyam, Aradhanai etc. Chandu November 3, at Married woman can tie the rope on the left wrist or wear it on neck like a chain. The final day of the vrata is known as Deepavali and is must be observed with full fervour and devotion. Can this pooja can be done by husband alone.


Once picked from home, it should be kept down in your vragham only after you return from the temple. Once all the food items are prepared, you need to get ready to go to the temple.

Significance of Kedara (Gauri) Vrata – Deepavali

C Velur November 30, at 9: After which they can have their meal. If you’ve tied other threads or hip chain, you may do so. After the poojai read the story of Lord Kedhareeshwarar and tie the red sacred thread in your wrist.

Please exercise caution as the threads may come loose or may hurt them when vraham.

We wish everyone doing the Kedara Gowri Nombu Viradam a wonderful fasting period! The glory of this vratam is very splendid as Shri Gauridevi observed this vratam in full devotion and got to be in half the body of Lord Shiva!! The vessel filled with water has kunkum, turmeric, akshathe coin added to it.

Also the Hamsa vahana vehicle possessed by Brahma was a gift from vrayham this ritual. Email required Address never made public. The day is split into two: So seriously was he affected, that unable to get up from his bed, he for the moment, lost the power to speak. Charged by my own energy, you want to negate me? You should not keep the tambulam plate or the Adhirasam basin in the floor anytime till you reach your home. Now you need to get ready for preparing the Adhirasams and other food items for the Kedhara Nombu.


It is in this state that equanimity is achieved.

Significance of Kedara (Gauri) Vrata – Deepavali

Unless you live in a remote place in USA, most of the common items are available in general grocery stores like coconut, agarbathi. The most important of the 21 days of Kedara Gowri Nombu is the last day, that is Amavasyai. The entrance door of the house is decorated with bright colorful kolams, mango leaves and palm leaves thoranam.

Thus, they should bear in mind, that like Ardhanarisvara, they are a single entity and it is both their energies fused together that create a successful married life and kedaa harmonious, balanced and happy kedarx. My name is sandeep and I have a question as mom expired 9 years ago and I have my dad and Unmarried sister stays in India and I got married and staying in America.

Without Shakti, I cannot do anything. This site uses vraham. Kedara Gowri Food Menu Items.