A Klippermate and/or Badminton Owner’s Manual. Our 24 page manual for the Klippermate and/or the Badminton racquet stringer, takes you step by step. Hi, just wondering if someone has klippermate manual on PDF or some type of format they can send me. Greatly appreciated. Thanks ______. : KlippermateĀ® Tennis Racquet / Racket Stringing Machine The most complete and easy to follow instructions available with any stringer.

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It is a two point fixing system that works relativeley well ,lippermate slippage occuring within the last couple of strings, but was remedied by putting felt on the clamps. The system comes with two high quality floating clamps, a pair of pliers and an awl, for stringing.

It is a table top style that is remarkably stable. With the purchase of the machine, they send three sets of sample strings, and a sample overgrip.

Being a first time user of a stringer, it took me quite a long time to string a racket, but upon doing the second racket, it was much quicker. To get the proper tension, it gets a bit tedious to get the tensioner in the proper position, but the jaws hold well and the machine is very stable. Over-all, I was very pleased with the ease in which I was able to use and “master” the machine, and the price and portability was outstanding. Table top, drop weight tensioner, floating clamps.

Came with 3 sets of sample strings, all necessary tools, outstanding instruction booklet: This is a no frills, but works stringer. I’ve never strung a racquet before this, so there was a learning curve. The string job is first-rate and after my second racquet, I was taking less than an hour. My guess is that 30 minutes is the ultimate goal. Requires a decent amount of manual dexterity and some judgement on the drop-weight tensioner. Overall, you can’t beat the price klilpermate as long as it does a professional job on my racquets I am a happy customer.

At first this machine was adequate for quick string jobs. But, unfortunately, this machine lasted about six months before being relatively useless. I have five Prince Mach rackets, and break my strings once or twice a week due to my heavy topspin and power game. Of course this machine is just about the cheapest out there, and one mnual not expect it to do too much. But the clamps wore down fairly quickly, and the tensioner doesn’t hold at all now.

If you break your strings klippwrmate once a year, this machine might be for you. Otherwise, look for another model! Which, by the way, is how I found this forum!

Klippermate Stringing Instructions Manual

Also, the bar is very short, so extra long rackets may not work. My Prince rackets barely fit on the Klippermate.

My Head TiS7 doesn’t fit at all! Package included stand and carrying case. String machine comes with two steel double clamps, awl and start clamp. All the necessary basics. First-time stringer, so I went through the learning process.


Am still finding it slow, about 1hr per racquet. Machine is highly accurate – I could clearly feel the difference between 61 and 63 klippremate tension with the same koippermate. Great deal for a beginner with a budget. Came with all the necessary tools, outstanding instruction booklet.

The machine is great. In their own words, this one is for someone who strings less than three racquets a day. I string a week and have done about 20 with it so far. My times are faster and faster and the thing is solid.

I noticed the other comment about the parts wearing out and not holding. The machine and all parts clamps, etc has a lifetime warranty. If something fails to work, have Klippermate replace it. When I have called Klipper for help, they have been very helpful and knowledgeable. I didn’t expect the Mercedes of stringers I expected a good solid Ford Taurus I think they hit manuql mark. I would recommend one to anyone. My only complaint is that I mostly string racquetball racquets and the book is setup for tennis manyal which are strung in the manula direction.

Klipper basic tabletop stringer. Metal visegrip smooth clamps. I like this machine but I think it has a possible weakness for control players who like to string higher than 65lb esp on certain multifilament strings, e. Either the visegrip jlippermate clamps may slip, or you have to increase the clamping pressure and bruise the string, or put something like felt in there. Also the clamps may move about, especially on the central mains, resulting in uneven tension between strings.

Pluck the main strings and see how the pitch varies. As the side ones are shorter, their pitch should be higher evenly, but even after pulling on the tightened strings trying to equalize the tension, in my hands anyway, the tension is more irregular than with a pro’s stringer.

You usually get what you pay for, so the above annoyance is minor considering the low inital cost. It would be manuao if Klipper could make a retrofit axial string holding clamp to fit the basic machine. Used machine for 4 years and had no trouble with stringing a strong synthetic klippdrmate like TNT. I found that the pulling angles would sometimes cause the grommets to pull out slightly and with soft string, this would cause the frame hole to cut the string.

If you hold the grommet in place, this would not occur. I am now moving up to a spring tension stringer by Gamma. I string for myself and a few friends. The machine has been trouble-free knock on woodbut the string clamps now need replacing.

This is a great machine for occasional use, and has klippwrmate for itself many times over. It’s such good value, I would probably get the nanual model if I was in the market for a new one. The new one offers a lifetime warranty. And by the way, this is a great website. Just want to express my opinion on this machine. I’ve been using this machine olippermate a quite while, and it’s still working.

I strung average times a year in the last 15 years. There is a learning curve but works great for our whole family. And the price was very reasonable, then and now.

  HIOKI 3287 PDF

klippermxte This is a beginner’s evaluation. I spent my first hour reading the manual, made sure I understand each step. Then I started the work step by step slowly by following the manual.

: Stringing Machines: klippermate

I got the work done in 75 minutes by myself. Klippermate problem was encountered. To get the right tension by adjusting the jaw probably was the major time consuming part but it’s not so bad. I’d expect to cut down stringing time to 40 minutes in the next times but don’t want to rush it down to 30 minutes by sacrificing the precision and quality of the work. The machine is stable and easy to use.

It has exceeded my expectation. It comes with a life time warranty and I have no plan to change to different models. I’ll come back to report about part wearing, maintenance and other issues in klipperjate future. Just recently purchased this machine. I have had a little experience stringing with a friend’s Eagnas table top machine that cost about twice as much. I have kkippermate used this machine a couple of times but I am really happy with it.

The metal clamps have worked much better than the Nylon ones of the Eagnas, and the tension jaws – although take some getting used to feeding the string into – actually work better than the ballbearing type.

With the ballbearing ones I had to constantly adjust and mannual the string to get the bar in a parallel position to the ground. I didn’t have that problem with this machine.

Unless you’re planning to spend the money on an electronic machine, this is all the stringer you need. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have to string a lot of racquets but if you’re just stringing for yourself, this machine will more than pay for itself.

I was concerned about the 2 point mounting system but based on what I have read here and other places, there doesn’t seem to be a problem with racquets snapping. I would be interested to hear if someone has experienced this. It may not be as accurate as a professional machine but you have to do the cost-benefit analysis for yourself.

I personally will sacrifice a couple of pounds of tension accuracy for the ability to regularly have a fresh set of strings. Also, now I can afford to buy the good strings which can make a huge difference. There is nothing to it that you can’t get from a regular sized toolbox, except the fact that it looks good. The first time stringing took me a while. Somewhere around 90 minutes. But having the satisfaction of stringing your own racquet, having fresh strings and enjoying the fruits of your labor is well worth it.