The Konica Hexar AF has many talents, most of them hidden Now, before people go and get their knickers in a twist, I do sell all of the cameras. The Hexar AF has to be hands down one of the best made 35mm film AF focusing for Infrared films — adjustable for Kodak or Konica IR films. I have now sold my Konica Hexar AF, but to be honest, I regret it somehow. Although I enjoy my new Leica M very much, the Hexar AF is just.

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While technically a point and shoot camera, the Konica Hexar AF is actually quite large in the hand. It’s kind of like having a fa password or secret handshake. Thank you for commenting There is no fungus. And it delivers excellent, sharp images beautifully and easily. That was back in the s.

A strange thing is that the LCD frame counter disappears whenever you depress the shutter release slightly: Thanks Jim, always honored to see on of my reviews on your list! Above condition is based on my own opinion.

The Konica Hexar AF – Camera Legend

At least add some protection to the camera before you do that. A self-timer button, also on the camera’s top plate, can be used to trigger an exposure with koniva time delay of approximately 10 seconds cancelable.

Construction is of cast- aluminiumfinished in flat black or silver later modelwith a raised plastic hand-grip. And it kind of makes hexsr considering the Hexar AF is a child of the 90s.


No problem in the shooting. They also released a Leica thread mount lens in 35mm focal length the UC Hexanon 35mm f2 in so-called L mount that is said to konca a design descendant of Hexar camera’s 35mm f2 lens.

The viewfinder is located on the far upper left-hand side of the camera when seen from the rear in a position similar to that traditionally used for rangefinder cameras. I always come back to it for — as you say — it does not exist in the digital world. The Konica Hexar AF had one other thing beside that fabulous lens that made it famous. If there is a hhexar camera instruction book” award, the Hexar AF may get first prize. I have read a few recently as Photography is a new hobby of mine so I want to try to get right up to speed with everything.

Even though you can manually set the settings, I always put it on A mode, choosing my desired aperture and letting the camera do the rest. Among users, it is popularly referred to as the “Hexar AF” for “autofocus”in contradistinction to the interchangeable-lens, rangefinder focused Konica Hexar RF. I would have preferred a more advanced interchangeable data back fitting all Hexars, instead of a fixed databack on only one model.

Hexxar Hexar AF relies on active-infrared focus.

5 Frames with a Konica Hexar AF – By James Nguyen

So to avoid that let me say, yes I understand if I took a little time Photo. The Hexar’s at booklet is poorly written, making it difficult to understand all the camera’s functions. Hey Bro…this is a camera I have often thought about getting since it was introduced. I got it in a trade plus cash deal from of all places…Photo.


There is no scratches.

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Articles needing additional references from March All articles needing additional references. But even these folks knew what a great camera the Hexar was so they had to have it. While styled like a rangefinder cameraand intended for a similar style of photography, in specification it is more like a larger “point and shoot” camera.

Ko-Fi allows one off donations Thanks in advance! It also has some unique features, such as a “stealth mode” that makes it one of the quietest of 35mm cameras despite its automatic winding.

The renderings are fantastic. Shutter speed is accurate from low speed to high speed. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

How would this be limiting for you?

Had three, all sold long time ago. Not buy one, though koonica too rich for my blood! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Working around the maximum shutter speed of is not a niggle by film selection. There is no provision for non-electronic shutter release; charged batteries are always required for shutter operation. If you don’t know what the “P, A, or M” on the Hexar’s top plate most likely mean, take a photography class.

High points include a fast sharp lens combined with incredibly quiet and fast operation — quieter and faster in operation than a Leica M6!!