: Little Man: Meyer Lansky and the Gangster Life (Audible Audio Edition): Robert Lacey, Ron Silver, Phoenix Books: Books. Little Man: Meyer Lansky and the Gangster Life. Robert Lacey, Author Little Brown and Company $ (p) ISBN More By and About. Meyer Lansky. When you heard the name, you shivered. He was the cold-eyed financial genius behind the omnipresent, omniscient Mob.

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Very good book This was an excellent biography of Meyer Lansky. While he was alive, it was said that Lansky could have been fabulously successful as a straight businessman. Apr 02, Malcolm lanskj it liked it.


Much of the business was conducted locally, at times, neighborhood to mqn, block to block. As an old, sick man, he was denied residence in Israel; he was hounded by the FBI; the INS tried to deport him; his three children were hellishly dysfunctional; and he died broke. Well researched and very well written, this is a biography of Meyer Lansky ca.

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Jan 03, Tommy rated it liked it. When you lose your money, you lose nothing.

Man or myth Interesting bio of reputed underworld crime boss Meyer Lansky He started life as a poor, Jewish kid who emigrated to New York from Russia with his family.

While it lasted, Lansky had a world-class establishment. Preview — Little Man by Robert Lacey. He failed twice in ventures to set up legitimate businesses. November 10, Garry Abrams Abrams is a Times staff writer. I also love reading lie the history of New York City, so this book litfle quite enjoyable. The little Jew going to shul in his skullcap was not litle object of respect. Books by Robert Lacey. Lansky, hangster, became famed for his head for figures, as well as for his lack of greed and his honesty in sharing.


Understanding the individuals meaning, to themselves, to othe A biography is a difficult proposition. He was also, by the standards of his peers, an intellectual. Good luck to all who attempt it. I did not see a lttle of the prostitution and porn “industry” that he helped spawn- if that is the correct word! The ending was abrupt and horrible.

Sep 20, Kris rated it it was amazing. Organized crime, with similar influence, needed criminal mastermind at its head. It also allowed the government lump gangsters into one common, all inclusive enemy.

After breaking into full-time gangsterism as a Manhattan bootlegger during Prohibition, Lansky established himself with enterprises in Saratoga, Miami, Las Vegas and Havana.

Lacey’s larger message is that the Mafia is really like local groups of Freemasons, with sometimes quite active links between one another but not congealed into a centrally structured organization.

LITTLE MAN by Robert Lacey | Kirkus Reviews

He was portrayed as the Chief Financial Officer of the Mafia, devising brilliant devices to turn illicit schemes into wealth for gangsters and accruing a lanskh fortune himself. Clearly, honesty was for chumps. He claims that Lansky never ordered a hit or even used intimidation when running his rackets. All the hype took a toll on his life.

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The Kingdom, a study of Saudi Arabia published inis similarly acknowledged as required reading for businessmen, diplomats and students all over the world.

He views Lansky like an ideal product of the American dream, a patriotic Jewish American businessman who dealt in fairly harmless vices such as gambling, carpet joints, and casinos and who relied on an aura of violence he cultivated through his underworld contacts and business associates to do “his business” while never condescending to put a hit on anyone or resorting to the use of violence himself.

I’ll also skip over just how Russian the “Russian” Mafia really is.

Kefauver won; McCarthy had to settle for Communists. True to legend, he was a wizard with numbers, so good that he could recalculate baseball players’ batting averages in his head while watching a game.

You would think Meyer Lansky was just a hard working business man that straddled the line of legality from time to time when he ran his bootleg liquor and gambling parlors.

He didn’t want the attention. Kind of makes you think. Law enforcement agencies shadowed him for 25 years and could never come up with anything.

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