LMNA datasheet, LMNA circuit, LMNA data sheet: NSC – MHz I2C Compatible RGB Video Amplifier System with OSD & DACs, alldatasheet. LMNA Datasheet PDF Download -, LMNA data sheet. LMNA/NOPB IC PREAMP CMOS MHZ DIP National Semiconductor datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet).

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Proper operation of the LM does require a very accurate reference voltage. Details on the internal registers are covered in the. Since the video must be AC coupled to the LM, the coupling cap is also used to store the reference voltage for DC restoration. Lm12269na stage provides the drive needed for the inputs of a CRT.

datasehet ABL is covered in more detail later in. Human body model, pF discharged through a 1. A feedback loop is thus. Brightness and bias can be.

LMNA datasheet,datasheets manu Page:1==视放集成电路==[未知厂家] pdf datenblatt – –

The video inputs are pins 5, 6, and 7. All ones will give no attenuation. Brightness and bias can be. ABL should provide smooth decrease in gain over the operational range of 0 dB to —6 dB. The protocol of the interface begins with the Start Pulse followed by a byte comprised of a seven-bit Slave Device Address and a Maximum video level for the OSD window occurs. The recommended driver for this pre-amp is one of.


LMNA (NSC) PDF技术资料下载 LMNA 供应信息 IC Datasheet 数据表 (4/20 页)

Terminate the undriven amplifier. The IC is I 2 C compatible, and allows control of all the pa- rameters necessary to directly setup and adjust the gain and contrast in the CRT display. This pin allows capacitor filtering on the V Ref output and offers an accurate external reference. The beam current limit circuit application is as shown in Figure 4: This is a voltage controlled gain stage which gives no.

The output of the V Ref stage goes to a number of blocks in the video section and also to pin Bits 0 through 2 in register 08 control. Functional Description LM, giving a high impedance at the output pin. C compatible, and allows control of all the pa. The Auto Beam Limit control reduces the gain of the video amplifiers in response to a control voltage proportional to the CRT beam current.

This pin allows capacitor. The video and OSD blocks are shown for the red channel in Figure 1.


PDF LM1269NA Datasheet ( Hoja de datos )

To insure an accurate voltage over tem. Test Circuit Note load includes parasitic capacitance. ABL is covered in more detail later in this section.

To insure an accurate voltage over tem- perature, an external resistor is used to set the current in the V Ref stage. I 2 C Interface Registers Section. This block is covered in more detail below. This stage provides the drive needed for the inputs of a CRT driver. Load resistors are not required and are not used in the test circuit, therefore all.

The IC clamps the input voltage to a low impedance voltage source the 5V supply rail. Details on the internal registers are covered in the Interface Registers Section. This yields a typical gain change of The output of the Buffer Amp goes to the Contrast stage. Minimum video level will occur with both bits set to a zero.